Rocks now closer, but now not doubled in m3?

Went out to start placing bookmarks in belts, since they were so huge now, but seems rocks are back at their previous, closer, distances. The available ore per rock also seems same as before, though. Waste mechanic is still working, so looks to me as if there is actually much less ore to harvest than pre patch. Anyone else see this? Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere else, with so much going on, it’s impossible to keep it straight between the current patch bugs and all the reeeing. Obviously, I have not tested many, many systems, so wondering if anyone is seeing the same

so… does this fall under a bug or another reeee post?

I’d say bug lol. Although it would suck, if working as intended.

Has anyone else had missing ore types as well

Moon belts are the same as before the patch. No double ore content.

So, with waste, Moon ore output is severely reduced right now (most moon miners will have between 34% and 40% waste because of T2 Strips and Aug drones).

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