Mining drones now unable to mine moon ore

So i log on this morning to start mining in my orca, which out mines all of the barges just about, warp to a moon belt and let loose the drones. Only for my drones to orbit the asteroids.

Ive relogged

Ive unfitted and refit the drones in dock

i warp to a normal belt and the drones work fine, warp back to the moon ore and the drones dont work.

Ive tried both t2 and faction

i just had this pointed out that this is a known problem with all moon ore

The only thing in the patch note about mining drone is this one :

  • Corrected the drone mining bonus on the Arbitrator to remove its impact on ice harvesting drones.

So definitely not a new announced feature, it could be a bug but not sure, it’s not written black on white in the mining drone description that they can’t mine mercoxit though, so maybe a new unnanouced change. If it is it’s a good one imo.

just happened to me too, about 40 mins ago. After some 10 hours of mining, the drones (on 2 ORCA accounts) just stopped mining ore. Drones circle the rocks, but no beams and they never return with any ore.

And only at this moon I’m at, they mine fine in a regular asteroid belt…


Also cannot mine with strip miner I. Normal belt roids are fine. Also attempted to submit in-game bug report and that is also broken. lol

Great feature that drones can no longer mine moon ores. This creates a nice balance to the war dec revamp and the limited options against players stealing ore. Even if it is a bug, CCP please consider keeping this feature.

+1 on Bug report

We having same issue. In addition, when trying to mine, locking chunk, but when firing laser, says target is not there. Well, yes it is, because I have it locked…

Confirm that only an issue on moon ores and normal belts are fine

it not so much the drones can’t mine it the belt died and still shows as there which is a major bug

hum, mining drones work fine mining bitumens for me, from an exhumer.

Ya I had this happen to me multiple times now. Looks like when the belt is supposed to despawn it doesn’t but the game counts the rocks as not there yet the assets aren’t wiped just the minerals. I’ve also had rocks on moon belts warp off at 400m/s speed upto 120 km away which is annoying when drone mining. With these 2 harassment tools I begin too wonder if they are anti botting tools that some over zealous devs are abusing??? and not bugs at all. Still ends up being harassment when you “test” someone over 40 times a week though. Or is the spaghetti code that bad we have rocks that think their ships?

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