Mining is currently not working

Or just me?

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My ice harvesters don’t work either

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glad to know it isnt just me :frowning:

Mining with modules directly does not work. But drones can mine. Must be a bug related to the recent drone mining change.

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No its just another step in the 12 step program that is Scarcity!


Not just you, it doesn’t work and we all hope CCP will fix it ASAP! Meaning the game will need to shut down or we can hear some info updates about the current game bug.

Strip miners not working for me either…but drones are mining.

Would not be supprised


My Orca and two Hulk mining fleet has downgraded to two Orcas.

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Its fixed! Likely a serverside fix was pushed! Thanks!


Mining drones work.

(Frustrating bug, as I was afraid to re-start the client, as I’m still trying to retrieve my Assets using the Excel Add-in. I was relieved to see re-starting didn’t seem to impact my query though, as Excel web app still says #BUSY!)

thanks, i was trying everything known to man to try fix this, tested and now confirmed working correctly again.

How… how do you bork up this bad?

Like, who even touches this part of the code? And for what reason?

A few weeks ago they were having issues processing credit cards online, I was trying to buy packs for different accounts. In the end I sent in tickets and they were just like… ‘Meh, soz… try back later’… so I became preoccupied with other things and never tried again… $75 they just didn’t want, apparently.

These people can’t even be bothered to keep their money processing up and running, and they are breaking things that shouldn’t even be touched.


CCP would do better for themselves if they just sent everyone on vacation for a month and just had a skeleton crew to make sure the servers were plugged in.

FFS, stop doing things. just… STOP. for one day, one week, GASP! one month!!

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Hamdullah Frostpacker has mercy on you Aiko

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