Ice Mining Drone will only mine 25 or so cubes before stopping and orbiting ship

I have submitted several bug reports for this issue, has’t been fixed. I am ready to cancel my subscriptions and move on. NO Customer service here. The only way I can get the drone to mine again (actually recover ice) is to leave belt , return, and redeploy drone. This has been ongoing for several months now. BUG REPORT says RESOLVED, NOT. Very frustrating to say the least. How do you get someone from CCP to actually do something for you? The GD’s have completely failed with me on this issue. Are there any other options other than Bug Reports? That hasn’t helped. Your suggestions appreciated as my next step is just to stop playing. 15 days fix it or loose me forever CCP (today is 6/29/18, the clock is running)

Either your mining ship or your ice drone is bugged. Use a different drone or a different mining ship and see if this problem still occurs.

The thing with bug reports is, unless the devs can replicate the bug, it’s likely to be closed and/or if it’s a really edge case, it might take a while to get fixed. So the more information you can provide up front in the bug reports, the better.

So if it’s just you and no one can replicate the bug, then there’s nothing to fix. However, if you are ready to unsub and stop playing because you can’t AFK mine then all the best for finding the next game you play.


I already happened to have bugs that were “fixed” on creation.
Just get yourself several glass of patience, and create a ticket everytime this happens. I am not kidding, I had to make I think 4 BR and 3 tickets, with tens of answers in each ticket in order to find a GM that understands the bug I was describing - they would gladly consider your bug is another bug on the known-bugs lists or frequently reported user issues.
Finally one GM understood that it was not the bug they had assumed it was, and talked about it to a dev, who was able to confirm the bug.

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