Mining Drones not Mining Repeatedly

(Amaren Otsada) #1

I am experiencing an issue with my mining drones not continually mining when I select Mine Repeatedly from the right click menu. I have already submitted a ticket with no response for over a week. Any one know of any ways which may help to alleviate this bug from happening?

(emperORE lo0iIi0ol) #2

I just have the same, switched to a second PC, from the Imac, and still the same, not mining repeatedly. Drones returning to orbit after one mining cycle. My second account however does mine repeatedly, and I am sure I did not change any settings. Both are Orca’s with the same equipment.

(emperORE lo0iIi0ol) #3

PROBLEM SOLVED: My ore-hold was full… Aiaiaiaiai

(Abyss Azizora) #4

Just tested it, working perfectly.

(system) #5

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