A Field Report on Accelerators

So back in the crimson harvest event, everyone who shot at them should’ve found at least one of these cansiters, about the size of a can of quafe, hexagonal.

So, one time during that event when i was fiddling with one in my quarters, pressing in on every other glowing red button on the top released a cap of sorts on the top, that could be easily pulled off to reveal the solution inside, which, if you haven’t seen it before, looks kinda like milk. Being human and all, i tasted it. it actually isn’t that bad, kinda on the sweet side, and instead of injecting them like everyone else did, I elected to drink them.

they didn’t seem to provide any different effect from injecting them, just the feeling being more immediate when you inject.

this time, though, after doing the same thing and drinking one of the ones gathered from these Rogue Drone wrecks, the only difference is really weird, because unlike the ones i was talking about when i first made this discovery, the ones I’ve come across now seem to cause a temporary feeling of unlimited energy. like, caffeine, except Caffeine doesn’t cause you to run the circumference of an Athanor. because i received doubt about the time i received from a station worker on how fast I ran, i tried to do it again… but in trying to run to the athanor’s ring again under influence i tripped and face-planted into a pillar in one of the halls.

the good news is the medical officer who was there when i woke up told me how fast i must’ve been running, based on how I injured myself. around 15 meters per second she told me?

I don’t know what these things are made of, and I’m just looking to see if anyone with a larger science background could explain this to me. maybe I am probably one of the first to not follow the directions on the can, so no one might have thought of this before.


Warning: contents of can should not be used as shampoo. Would not recommend.


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