A fit for a professional duelist

This is more of a curiosity topic, but i wonder what would be good ship and fit for a duel heavy capsuleer.
I believe it has to have heavy offensive feafures, fast, prepared to use and resist ECM, and most importantly easily replacable.
The duel opponent may use ECM to cripple your ship and there is no stopping it, thus it is best to prepare against it.
For example, i was thinking of a Serpentis Vigilant with ECCM and MWD…

Soloist rarely (never) use ECM.

Generally, you want to have a tactic and then tilt your fit heavily into that tactic. “Fit ECM, pray it works”, isn’t a strong tactic.

Not any more at least.

That’s a good idea. I would fit all the ECM mods you possibly could and use lots and lots of bling to compensate for the loss of tank, just in case. Once you have that fit, please let me know and I’ll be happy to duel. :laughing:

I actually meant that I had prepare against ECM used by an opponent.
But specialization fit does make sense.

cant prepare for 1st cycle jam from drones, and then every other cycle…

I never tried it but can’t you go on the test server and test it there ? you can’t go cheaper than that.

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