ECM pirate module / ships anti drone anti chasseur dca / ships turret /Super cap

I wonder why you won’t see an ECM module that allows you to randomly disable a module and override an opposite module could give an up to ECM ships and give a new dimension to the pvp or even pve

Then why wouldn’t he have an anti-hunter drone ships.
with an automatic mode as a siege mode this ships would have the ability to type
the drones and fighter a kind of DCA

Then why not push the logistics ships with a new functionality?

Example: a ship that would be able to install micro structures such as MTu
but with each structure would have its own speciality

a regen structure or shield
a structure that attacks, ecm or scramble enemies or prevents warps
it could also change the course of the pve but also in battles…

Then for the careers and super careers that it would be necessary to make a mix between the old and the current one…
the auto target and that the drone can defend it would be more than appreciable
even if it means nerve damage to the latter’s assets… or increasing the cost of producing this…

a mode like on the tengu
a manual mode that allows you to control the hunters and give them a bonus of dgts
or a support defense mode that allows for self-reaction but in exchange for less dps

I didn’t quite get what you wanted to say in the first two paragraphs about ECM and the thing about the automatic siege mode for fighters.
Could you try to explain this again a bit more detailed please?

Sounds like Support Fighters. Except that if they were stationary, they wouldn’t be used that much.

Did I get that right, you want the bigger version of the AFK-VNI? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I would rather not have that.

In the ECM a module that allows
to add a random factor on the target enemy

1 module that disables
and 1 module that this overlod all alone random

for the 2nd paragraph a navir or is his specialty c to kill drones and hunters.

What happens to grouped modules like guns? Does only one get overheated or the whole group?
What modules can be disabled? Are they only turned off or go even offline completele? Could it hit passive modules?
Would ECM still jam?
Could modules get overheated when they are not active and running?

I don’t know what a “navir” is, sorry. A module?
Also, what do you mean by “hunters”? Are you referring to players using T3C to hunt for capitals or something else? A player can utilize a lot of ships to hunt for targets. Or are we not talking about Black Ops things at all?

a ship a spacecraft like a T3 or are objective and his specialty would be to kill any drone and any hunter (hunter capital example templar)

To answer you for the ECM

it would attack all the modules passive as active in the form of a cycle example for the overlod in function of the skill the overlord would remain one more item at a time

So by “hunter” you mean fighters from a carrier/super-carrier. Okay. ^^
To be honest, they are being shot quite efficiently by a lot of ships already. It’s usually done with sub-cap fleets. And you can fit sub capitals for high tracking. If you add some webs you can blow up fighters pretty quick. If you would only need one or two ships of that fighter-killing kind, for what you currently do with a fleet, that would shift the balancing here quite a bit.

There is only the problem that you can’t overheat passive modules. That would mean this specific ECM-module would have either no effect or them (which I would prefer) or set the module offline. Which seems quite overpowered, especially in longer fights.
A trade-off might be a very, very long cycle time on this ECM-module.

Personally, I don’t think “random” is a good game design choice in general. It’s just frustrating when something happens you can not influence in any way. It’s the principle of gambling that would not really fit well within the kind of scissor-paper-stone mechanics we have in Eve.
At least from my point of few.

ersonally, I do not think that “random” is a good choice of game design in general.

So at worst a kind of ammunition each rotted munitions attacked an item

top Slo
medium slot
low slot

For a delay that would play according to the skills

and for the carry (hel nyx ect ect) I think it would really need a different gameplay at least a self defense hunters …

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “rotted munitions”.

But you are ware that there are a lot of E-War fighters already? There are ECM-Fighters, Engergy Neutralizers, Webs, Points… most things you can fit on a sub-captital are availabe on super carriers via different fighters.
They can even shoot ECM, Warp disruption and Webbing Bombs and lots of other fancy stuff.
And on top of that, they can deal a ton of damage - which I would say is their biggest self-defense along with the hull-bonus for warp strength.

I don’t think super capitals need more options to run away, really.

the auto riposte on the hunters (templar) would be a good return I think

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