Drone mode / chasseur mode

I am a player who plays a lot with drones, my questions why not invented a mode for drones.

automatic mode it types all alone but there is a penalty on the damage. speed ect

manual mode bonus on dgt speed ect

same for career hunters what do you think?

I play with my drones a lot too, but a proper gentelman never kisses and tells.

I prefer the “Deep penetration” mode myself.

You cant really teach your drones when to go faster and when to slow down. This sort of thing requires a natural instinct.

I dont know about people who would make a career, teaching other people how to use their drones. But I guess whatever floats your boat.

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Look into carriers/fighters, you manually control your fighters’ speed and when they attack

CCP wants less afk farmers, not more.

I want a pet drone not taking space in the cargo bay, following me around and playing melodies and sound effects from looney tunes when things happen.

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Why you care if you don’t want to play game?

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