A GRAND PROJECT UNDERTAKEN - Need support, recruits, friends & enemies

Hello people :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. I hope you will find it interesting and end up supporting this project of mine. Or even better - joining in on the project and helping me develop it. This might not be for everyone but i hope that you will find it interesing nonetheless and spread the word :slight_smile:
I will try to make this post as detailed as possible so be ready for quite a read.
The text will contain information about me, my idea and the project + at the end how to get into contact with me if you want to support or join in on this project.

Background story - about me
I started to play eve online before 2016/05 on a trial account. The reason i started to play it was becasue i needed/ wanted to play a game wile i was studying and thought that Eve online was a beautiful game that you can play in the backround. That was my impression of it. And that was quite true! Atleast in the area i operated in. I was a miner… The most relaxing activety in the game that worked well with studying. But the more i played the more i delved into the game i became. I even got the idea that i wanted to make a faction. And from that day i have been working towards that goal.
I have had a few corporations, tried a few policies, rules and learned along the way.
The trial account was lost, made a new character after that and played and did those things with that character. Not long ago i made a new fresh one and started from scratch (this one) and finally i am really pushing towards my goal.

The idea i had at the time were that i wanted to create a faction like the 4 major npc factions that exists within the game. I wanted it to be orginized , have a story behind it and have a similarity to the reality in turms of govermental rule and organization. I could even picture it to become a “roleplaying” faction. I know that i wanted this thing to end up in null sec but i wanted as well that we would not just be in null sec but all secs. Though, null would be our home.

With these ideas in mind i started to develop the idea throughout the years and now i am taking action since i now am satisfied with the idea i have in mind and wish to develop it. It will be still though trial and error but i hope it will turn out well.

THE PROJECT is newly launched and i am the only one atm developing it (at the time of the writing). I am in need of recruits who wishes to develop this project with me or simply wishes to participate in it. ANY SUPPORT would be very mutch appreciative and mutch needed. I am as well looking for new friends & enemies. Meaning ~ that i am looking for any kind of developed or undeveloped groups, corporations, alliances, coalitions that would want to open up a ralationship with this project long turm. Be it trading partners, mercenaries, businesses, governments or dictators. Heck, even pirates. Who wish to have a good/bad relationship with this project. As a friend or as an enemy.
The only requirement for this relationship would be that it would work well with this project.

So what is the project?

I want to develp several corporations and have them in one singel alliance. That alliance will be the “faction”. Those corporations will represent businesses, the social structure and be the governmental body that forms the faction.

The project is developed around “roleplay” (don’t run away now and try to understand it :slightly_smiling_face: ) and a story. The backround story that have formed what the faction now is & guildes the players forward. Your own story that you make and develop yourself after the backround story as a guide. And the story of the faction that we collectively all develop with the backround story as a guilde. These stories shall all go hand in hand with the goal in mind and the lore that have been written for the faction.

The project is a functioning sociaty/country/empire/faction/government with all it’s benefits and disadvantages. Where you, the player will be a citizen in it.
There are many rolls to fill in. Your role as a citizen will all be depending on your ambition, wants & needs. Working for the government, a company or just be unemployed. You may even go down the criminal route sucessfully or unsucessfully.

A little info about the faction

  • Cares about it’s citizenry
  • Striveing towards science, knowlage and prosperaty
  • Political
  • Seeks the destruction of Amarr Empire
  • Friendly turms with the Gallente Federation
  • Honorable & true to their word
  • Not religious

Contact Information
You can get in contact with me through my choice of voice chat channel, Discord --> https://discord.gg/4JBSnYk . Or you can send mail to me or replay here if you do not have discord installed.

Do get in contact if you got any questions or wish to know more about the project. I know i might have been a little to vague information wise. But do pupp in and i will reply as soon as i can. I might not allways be avalible.

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Sounds like a really good idea i will follow and join the discord later and se how it will go.

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Sounds good :slight_smile:

Hi,How can i join iam new to this game

The discord link is invald

Oh, so that’s why noone has join the discord :laughing:
Link eddited and should work now :slight_smile:
( @BlueTera )

Just join the discord then let’s have a q&a. Hope to see you there and let’s see if you are a good fit or not for this project :slight_smile:

Still looking for people who might be interested in this grand project of mine.

I am still at it and are looking for people.

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