A Hole is A Hole - C4 with C3|C4 EU/US TZ - PVP - Industry - Ratting

A Hole is a Hole [1HOLE] is a wormhole corp with a primary focus on PVP, but we do all things wormhole. We aim to have all our members included in all our activities regardless of skill points and experience! Our main aim is to have fun whilst blowing stuff up, be it enemies or ourselves!

Alliance - The Circle Jerks [JERKS]


  • Be able to join our voice comms (TS3).
  • Be in our Discord for Pings and general chat.
  • Able to scan in an appropriate scanning ship (Able to fit a Covert ops cloak).
  • Happy to create your own content.
  • Willing to get involved in both our PvP and PvE acivities.
  • Be able to fly a one of :
    • Drekavac
    • Harbinger
    • Brutix Navy Issue
    • Hurricane

What we offer:

  • Regular PvP Opportunities
  • Inclusive people always happy to lend a hand and include everyone.
  • Corp PvE Buyback Scheme
  • Low Tax
  • Wormhole Basic Training offered if needed.
  • All the hot sticky Holes you can dream of.

Contact: Snoochie Boochiez or Twitkne Evingod

Or join 1holepublic for more info.

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