C4 pvp corp recruiting EU/US tz pilots

Greetings, you filthy non-believers. Or perhaps there is a member of the faithful among you.

Wrong Hole She Said is looking for EUTZ/USTZ pilots.

Anoikis is our home and we have a cozy C4 with C2/C4, where we praise Bob.
Sometimes we peak out of our hole just to see what the hell is going on and possibly burn someones home during that time.

Our main focus is on PvP, one way or another. Forced from either direction.
And what’s PvP a corp, without a killboard?

You are what we are looking for if:

  • You are willing to fly T2/3 ships, while being ready to lose them in PvP.
  • You can make ISK without bitching or being dependent on others.
  • You have a “RL>Alliance>Corp>Anything else” mentality.
  • You are Omega.
  • You have a working mic.

What we expect you to fly:

  • Astero with CovOps cloak

You are NOT what we need if:

  • You need content handed to you on a silver platter.
  • You like local chat.
  • You need constant attention.

Join us on channel “Wrong Public She Said”.
or on DISCORD : https://discord.gg/mzsYRFy

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