A HUGE thank you for the Frigate Free For All in Ouelletta

I haven’t seen a thank you post so here it is to all the organisers from Stay Frosty and A Band Apart (sorry I can’t remember any of the character names to @ as a personal thank you)

Never seen my zkill so ISK positive!

I think these are great events for newbie players to get some large scale PvP for fun, personally was the first time I experienced time dilation!

Thanks to CCP for turning up so we could shoot you as fast as possible. These are great community events!

EDIT: found a blogpost! EPIC, HISTORIC FFA


I’ll enthusiastically echo the post above.

I had no idea what to expect (having never been involved in massive battles in EVE before) but it was brilliant fun and a really cool thing to have been a part of.

The fact that Stay Frost and A Band Apart gave away literally thousands of free frigates to anyone who rocked up was one of the most generous and awesome things I’ve ever seen in Eve, both of you should be deeply proud of yourselves.

As someone who’s never really done PvP before, and definitely never been involved in any kind of massive space battles the experience has made me very respectful of fleet commanders.

It was so completely and utterly crazy at times - almost a thousand players chatting, flying all over the place and blowing up some very expensive stuff - that it makes my head spin just thinking about it.



I’d say something along the lines of how it’s “nice and exciting to see players come together to have big pre-arranged pew-pew PvP battle, because after all that’s what EVE is all about,” but I’m afraid that the game is on such shaky ground by this point that the sarcasm might actually end up hurting it, kind of like grasping a baby bird too tightly when all you’re trying to do is keep it warm.


meh …

Must’ve been exciting! How many ships did you personally crash? I didn’t attend since I’m busy redoing my kitchen but I had a taste of fleet battles twice. Crashed a few ships, those alarms going off…
Those events need to run more often, with 1 destroyer as entry requirement.

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Eve is so starved out of meaningful content that its the big boys with big isk (those who farmed the living ■■■■ out of the game and screwed all forms of good and meaningful content to begin with …) that end up having to organize such events to find a reason to play …

Have we reached the end of the slope and into nothingness yet ?

Nope. Need to make big mass mining challenge for newbies with free ventures too!:joy::rofl:

wow GJ

:laughing: why not? Two teams mine, another battle vs attackers. First team to mine the most til ships run out wins.

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