A little bit of Scotch, a lot of Tea... or was it the other way round?

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #1

The Seven Shadows, and its Scotch and Tea alliance, is a corporation aimed to bring purpose back to New Eden. We were created to service the Eve Cluster with the finest deliveries of Whiskies, Tea and other luxury amenities. Please inquire about our weekly and monthly shipment arrangements to service your corporation or alliance needs. Remember, it’s not the best if it doesn’t come from “Scotch and Tea”.

Individuals, corporations and alliances are welcome to purchase some of our exceptional goods for a modest fee. You will be able to enjoy your newly acquired stock with the assurance you have purchased only the best. As an additional bonus to your purchase, we will strive to reduce deliveries of Liquid Ozone emissions in your systems. Our Customers can build all the empires and hold as much Sovereignty as is desired; we just ask for a reasonable service fee.

We are a PvP-corp that encourage all forms of destruction that promote our delivery services. We are mainly a group of RL-first, laid-back adults whose sole purpose in Eve is to cause enough ruckus with our Scotch that neighboring organizations will purchase our goods to motivate us to stick to tea instead. In other words, we are here to extort Eve with death and destruction under the cover of a Whiskies and Tea delivery company.

Corp features:

  • NBSI with NO blues (except alts and paying customers)
  • Base out of NPC space (Fountain, Syndicate, Outer Ring, Placid)
  • No SOV, no Structures, nothing for us to have to maintain

Requirements to join:

  • 15 mil SP
  • Preferably fly something covert (BLOPs, Stealth Bomber, Recon)
  • Predisposition to shoot everything that moves (or doesn’t)
  • Mainly active late US TZ, but have AU presence as well
  • Ability to at least tolerate, or prefer to abuse profanity
  • Ability to at least tolerate, or prefer to abuse Whiskey (or Tea)
  • Provide API


  • Have an alt who can hunt with covert cyno


(Karash Amerius) #2

We are looking for new agents to…negotiate…our scotch and tea prices. Please inquire within if you think you’ve got the chops.

(Pepe Adoulin) #3

WARNING: excessive consumption of scotch has been proven to lead to superfluous loss of expensive ratting vessels.

Drink Responsibly.

(Fsgt Pain) #4

Scotch is best serve chilled not on the rocks. That said lets get out and have some fun and remember drinking while flying is encouraged.

(Pepe Adoulin) #5

Wrong, Scotch is best served on the rocks found in asteroid belts.

(Karash Amerius) #6

Last night, a bit too much Scotch was consumed…lessons learned all around.

Pepe, would those be considered…whisky stones???

(Pepe Adoulin) #7

There’s no such thing as too much scotch.

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #8

I like my scotch on the salty side.

(Karash Amerius) #9


I would suggest a Talisker 10 year to start with. Its an exceptional scotch made on the Isle of Skye, right near the salt water. Very accessible but still not a “starter” scotch when it comes to tastes (it is very peaty). Let me know how that works out for you.


(Vheox DonTomazzo) #10

Please contact your Doctor for hangovers lasting more than 4 hours.

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #11

If at first you don’t succeed, try some of our fine whiskeys, and you’ll stop caring about what you were doing.

(Raker Alchemic) #12

Got a problem that just won’t go away? Our scotch delivery service may be just what you’re looking for.

(Karash Amerius) #13

The Godfather

  • 1 1/2 ounces blended Scotch Whisky
  • 1/2 ounce amaretto liqueur

Build the ingredients in an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Stir well and garnish with an orange peel.

Bonus: For your lady, create a Godmother. Substitute Vodka for the Scotch.


(Vheox DonTomazzo) #14

Remember “The Godfather” will only make an offer you can’t refuse when using our Scotch and Tea™ products.

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #15

To whiskey, or to tea, that is the question…

(Karash Amerius) #16

Clansman’s Coffee

1 oz of Scotch
3/4 OZ Sambucca Black coffee
Whipped cream 

Wipe the rim of a goblet with a piece of lemon and dip it in brown sugar. Pour the spirits and coffee into the glass, add sugar to taste and float the whipped cream on top. Decorate with grated chocolate.

Excellent when you need to stay up for those late night JF runs.

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #17

It’s always a personal dilemma of mine for fleets. Do I arm myself with coffee or with scotch? Thanks for clearing things up: the answer is both…

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #18

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to fly a spaceship or operate guns correctly, and may cause explosive problems.

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #19

Did you know that Whisky stored in barrels gradually evaporates at an approximate rate of 2% a year. This is referred to as the “angels’ share”.

(Vheox DonTomazzo) #20

Did you know that the first modern record of whisky comes from 1494 Scotland. The more you know…