A meaningful self-destruct

Have you tried unplugging your clone implants in the face of death? It sounds like something you would like doing.

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I wish this is true but it isn’t . It is mostly Farming Online since it’s first day.

Most meaningful self-destruct that i can think of is biomassing .

I don’t gank miners for the loot. Heavens no. Most of them wouldn’t be at the keyboard to initiate self-destruct anyway.


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A self destruct that means no loot was dropped I agree with. But it shouldn’t be near instant. It should have a sufficient count down that people can try to blow you up to get the loot.


Agreed. Not looking to encourage AFK mining. Just looking for a little more of the moral high ground. Not sure I see the point of the existing self-destruct.

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The existing self destruct is mainly used when your ship is blown and your pod is not (such as in low sec, where podding causes a security loss and gate gun response that can be irritating) so you can forcibly respawn at your home station and get back to playing sooner. You are right that this has little value to PvE players - but it wasn’t designed for them, either. Not everything has to have a value to all players.

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Not since team tama disbanded about a year or 2 ago, at least I believe they did, last few times I was in tama I’ve yet to see team tama in tama.

Self destruct used to deny killmails. That was kind of funny. Personally I would like self destruct to cause AOE Damage similar to smartbombs and related to shipsize and faction.


And probably only allowed in case of no returned aggro

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Why ask for this , when there are already plenty of ways to avoid suicide ganking in Eve ? You can add known ganking corporations and alliances with terrible standings and keep an eye on local and directional scanner , you can check zkillboard for places where they mostly gank , the hours when it happens , the numbers they have and what they use , you can plan your fit accordingly, you can make some friends and mine in a fleet with Orca that has remote repairers fitted and most importantly don’t be AFK .
The impression that you leave me is that you are lazy to do all of this . Well others do it and don’t get ganked , so why should you be the one to receive special treatment ?
Instead of trying to use game mechanics in your favor , you come here and ask of CCP to create a magic button for you.
You seem upset that the suicide gankers in this game are making a profit , but instead of thinking on how to avoid this , how to not make you a target , you come here and ask for a 0 effort special solution .
I’m sorry , but i have to say no to your idea.


Seems interesting regardless of anything else. And probably increased damage in case of carrying (a lot of) something explosive

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Would these be cheaper than ganking with catalysts? It sounds like I wouldn’t even need to buy any modules.

Much would depend on implementation, say, only something truly big and tanky (with modules) / fast and wriggly or carrying very special payload being able to hold on and deliver meaningful destruction, self included, in the right moment and spot before it dies wastefully to enemy fire (in the light of @Daichi_Yamato’s suggestion). This idea will need to be very thoroughly thought out and calculated if it ever goes live. But it at least seems to open up a whole new dimension of interesting tactical options.

So an exploration frigate filled with fuel blocks will be the new suicide ganking meta? :thinking:

I think this could turn the tide when it comes to wormhole explorer hunt as well… the hunter might become the hunted. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Instawarp Jihad Interceptors filled with havoc missiles.

Yes plsssssss


I replied to you hyar:

OP hates the players, not the game.

The root of his request is his feeling of powerlessness. It’s for his own sole benefit, so he can have the feeling of “hurting gankers” when he denies them killmail and loot. He doesn’t care about the fact that all of those who are afk aren’t going to instapop themselves anyway, at which point - when it happens to him - he will create a new thread asking for yet another nerf. Just like always.

No considerations about it maybe being his own fault when he explodes.
No sense of self responsibility whatsoever.
The other guy is at fault for taking advantage of his mistakes.


A toxic person.
I recommend hunting and killing him whenever he’s around.


When one loses their ship in the Anoikis (“wormhole space”), or find themselves stuck in a ship with no probe launcher fitted and have no valid wormhole bookmarks to exit the system to known space, self-destruction to wake to the new life in their home station is about the only remaining option.

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