Turn Self-Destruct into a mini-game

I got this idea will exploring sites that blow up and take you with if your hack fails and this is how it works.

  1. Cut self destruct down to 45 secs with visible countdown to all.
  2. If the offending parties don’t succeed in breaking through your tank in that one minute, a massive AOE will take place along with the self destruct taking out the offending parties within a reasonable range.
  3. Any kills resulted from it are credited to the self-destructed pilot.
  4. The self destruct will also pod you, so no escaping the doom.
  5. Initiating self -destruct will auto-flag you as “killable” so anyone can join in. This is to avoid suicide nuts in Jita and such.

Needs more thought but what do you think?

Needs more thought.


I agree. Like having separate timer lengths depending of ship class. You wont break a Titan in 45secs. But you get my idea. Self destruct should be dangerous to everyone around.

A huge AOE at the tips of a finger. In high sec too. What could possibly go wrong?

Certainly not baiting! :smirk:

I think if someone can’t kill you in a couple of minutes, but you have decided you don’t want to salvage your own wreck, then it should be possible to blitz your own ■■■■.

If you can’t break my tank, i shouldn’t have to wait for YOU to resolve the altercation, I should be able to decide you deserve NOTHING.

No activity in EvE, including breaking your incredible tank, results in something simply because you deserve it.

Entitlement culture runs rampant…


Would be easy enough to disable in highsec. Plenty of other activities are already not allowed.

What makes you think you deserve to decide what other people deserve?

A hacking minigame that decreases the countdown timer and increases aoe damage based on the amount of decreased time could be interesting. Would also be able to run the hacking attempt multiple times. Failed hacks would increase the timer instead of reduce it.

Perhaps that would encourage CCP to allow people to run hacking modules on other ships that are in hull too. Would be nice to be able to boot someone out of their ship instead of blowing it up.

My time is valuable, if a frig intercepter happens to catch me and I can’t kill it, but it has ZERO chance of killing me, I shouldn’t have to wait 45 minutes for his boyfriend to turn up and finish the job, I should be able to end it right then and deny them the spoils the frigate has no right to.

n+1 argument incoming.

His chances of killing you inrease over time with more support coming in for him. Thats basically the concept behind a “tackler”. The fewest frigs have any chance to break a well-equipped T2/T3 cruiser, Battlecruiser or Battleship on their own. Of course they deserve a share of loot if they can manage to hold you until reinforcements arrive.

If you think your time is too valuable, just eject and warp away or do a normal selfdestruct (2minutes). Or do a proper preparation and have a SmallStandardContainer with refit modules in your cargo, along with a mobile depot.

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Only if we can blow up stations…

10~15 mil isk in dropped tech 2 frigate loot is hardly spoils.

Nice try tho.

n+1 argument literally immediately.

I once jettisoned 35 billion and blew it up, just to deny it. You can keep your 15 mil.

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The best revenge is spite!

Sure, its the best one in a multiplayergame where different ships have different roles to support each other.
It is incredibly stupid to demand some kind of “1vs1 victory” to “deserve loot” or have mechanics in game to “deny loot” if someone who is built to tackle can’t break your tank solo.


If they’re going to kill me quickly, it’s fine, if they’re not, I should be able to speed things up, but they shouldn’t be rewarded for wasting my time.

You can speed things up by simply ejecting (1 second) or self destructing (2 minutes). No need to waste time.

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