A message to the Republic Security Services regarding new drug lord and mercenary groups

To those in command of Republic security services,

As it is known so far a new drug lord has has set up his operations within the Molden Heath Low Sec. Systems. Although the biggest problem is that he has grown far bigger than most others have and is a considerable threat if nothing is to be done. The Krullefor Organization and Seykal Clan have been reported to be working together and there are rumors that the Thukker clan might have something to do with the Krullefor Organization due to them having captured Baliggan Krullefor, so it is unknown who is leading them now.

For those who don’t know, both of these groups are Warclone Corporations from the early days of the Uprising Conflicts,so both are very experienced in combat and wars. Although most of the well known and minor Warclone groups have scattered, are working for someone else or are with the Accords, but any of the groups that were already in the the crime world have been mostly unaffected besides a few minor setbacks. Considering neither group has made any noticeable moves until recently means that they’ve grown much larger than they were previously and possibly backed by unknown powers of interest. This alone poses a threat Given the fact they’re one of the older Warclone groups involved in the criminal world and the circumstances could mean a multitude of activities can be achieved planet-side and in space.

My people have made efforts to look for and destroy any drug facilities we find in the region, but this is a much bigger issue than most would think and they must have a base of operations in another region, most likely in null sec. If we don’t figure out where they are based at than more issues will just continue to pile on the current problems.

I myself would be willing to look for them as I’ve have more knowledge of the surrounding regions, but am currently busy with handling logistics for the coming weeks. I’ve heard reports of a possible city ship somewhere in either deep in Great Wildlands or Drone regions. If any of your people know anything about their whereabouts then I would think it would be beneficial to let any helping parties know as I’m well aware that the republic has a lot of issues itself that need attending too.

Molden Heath Anti-Smuggling Cooperation & Coordination
Galm has already stated our intentions and has started working things out with others willing to help.

KnightGuard Fury
Bosena Accords


You should reach out here, if you haven’t already:

Were apart of the same organization actually :slight_smile:
it should be a bit more clear now

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