A Minmatar mining fregate

My start ship was destroyed. Now I need to buy mining fregate of Minmatar. I am alpha noob. What ship should I buy?

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Try doing the career agents, every agent you complete will give you a ship and half the fitting.


What Ensign said.

But if you must buy a mining ship, buy the Venture.

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I managed without it

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You don’t like ships and money for free. That’s OK, do it the hard way. But if you want to have fun: The industrial career agents give you 2 mining frigs and two haulers. Just do the missions.

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In fact all of the Career Agents give ships, equipment, ISK, Implants, Skillbooks, etc.

Definitely a good jumpstart into the game.

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You can do it the way we did back at release.

You know the “corvette” (rookie ship) you get for free when you dock at a station you don’t have ships hangared at?

Check out the fitting.

You’ve got a civilian gun.
You’ve got a civilian mining laser.
Holy â– â– â– â– ! They have even left a unit of tritanium in the cargo hold for you! (Careful, with the matari rookie ship, this unit of trit is roughly 30% of the total hulls integrity)

If you prefer to make a living by blowing things up, you’ve got the first.
If you prefer to wage war on the asteroids that keep replenishing and threatening to take over space as we know it, you’ve got the second.
If you want to build an industrial empire “from scratch” then it is your lucky day, because that is precisely what they left in your cargo hold.

Go into the universe.
You’ve got the tools.


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