A new player begs CCP for mercy

   First , I'm a very ordinary new player,I wrote this paper in translation.I'm sorry if I have trouble reading:):slightly_smiling_face:
    In this paper, I would like to talk about my game feelings since march from the inside out,If there's something wrong with what I'm saying, hopefully someone will point it out。:kissing_heart:
   For a newcomer registered in March, the experience of five months is beyond the imagination of predecessors. I have four accounts, each of which is an account of omega, manufacturing, shooting, unmanned aerial vehicles, and mining. Each account is made by various DLC.
 As a college student who thought he could only make simple games, your games are All Might to me!But in the last three months, you've changed, you've become strange.
 I haven't known you long.Like tourists, I can only know the author of a painting in a museum, which obviously deprives me of authority and voice.Because of this shortcoming, I have a different point of view to comment on some things。
 First of all, when I entered the game eve, I spent an hour on the character creation interface.It was the second night after I finished my novice quest and storyline, and I was so exhausted that I couldn't see eve's limits as I lay in bed. Your game was so enticing that you could see detailed Settings for every item, even to the point of being able to imagine what real technology would look like in the future.That's one of the many reasons I like you guys。

Seven days later, when I was on a level-three security mission, I made some new friends, they taught me, and soon I joined their army.In this way, I can protect myself from the forces of war.I Shared in 0.0 video a picture of the player fighting with honey avatar, who joined the 0.0 alliance with his luggage, and I followed him to this dangerous place.Here I see a lot of robot and the great Titan, and combat team, there will be some very expensive ships at ordinary times, he will be able to win one of our team, we often use cheap ship to challenge them, win or lose, sometimes win share the spoils, lost the captain expenses for us, I’m happy at this time.Because my friends from the same grade have become great fighters。
I will try my best to share the happy times with you. I will give you the rough outline of the lost times.:slightly_smiling_face:
After the update, the captain tells us about his financial difficulties, and we understand that the captain, a player with a very expensive ship, is still challenging us in battle after battle, and we have to keep our distance from him.No one dare to blunt go up, so I rushed to the first, I soon died in the process of entanglement, but everyone embarrassing rescue was killed, because of distance and not a very good support, and gradually become a victory to kill to fight the economic pressure and a lot of anger cumulative failure again and again, and some people left, some people passed, my first friend, once again lost the battle lost love boat, then he left us, joined the noble family.
After a while, NPCS started attacking our buildings, our captain was protecting his property, the guys in the expensive boats came again, he laughed at us, we were ignited to fight, but our captain refused our fight for various reasons.Our morale is low, the rich every day in our territory, bully us, earlier than I some predecessors, in the beginning, you can also send some boats, then also the difficulty of the consciousness of the elder in our mouth, robot gradually disappear, the couple also under our fragile defense joined the noble family, because I don’t get enough economic in pve, even struck a novice is difficult, and hostility, driving their own cars, stealth, close.Beat our other friends one by one.
Ok, I have finished my self-statement. If you see similar content in other posts, please don’t laugh, this is our hint to you, because we can’t make any decisions, you are our god.Please be worthy of our faith.
Finally, I will express my anger and helplessness in the most calm language:neutral_face:
Whether you need our help or not, whether you use us in an emergency, we will be very happy.Although we are scarred, but we will continue to live here, waiting for you, waiting for you to win the home, when you succeed, we will be happy for you,(maybe now celebrate ha ha ha), I was born in the dark days, I did not give up, even when being laughed at, bullied, I did not retreat.I still fight the enemy with that cheap ship, and never give up, because you fight on the other side.
No matter what, I will continue to play, support you and work hard for you.Just like the big tree behind my home, if hungry, give you apples, cold, give you warm.When you need all of my time I will to give you.
Finally, I hope eve can have a virtuous circle, where the novice has enthusiasm, the combat has fun, and the high play has responsibility.Ships, storylines, game Settings, make it reasonable and cool.You are the best problem solvers, you are the best creator, but at the same time so close to us, if there is any difficulty in the future, I really hope you can speak out and let us face it together. Just like the flash, it is very difficult to succeed by relying on one person’s strength.“WE NEED TALK:wink:

                                                                                  Thanks for your reading。
                                                                                              -Always support you as an ordinary player

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