A new purpose for the now defunct mobile siphon unit

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When thinking about putting a refinery for moon mining in highsec for myself and others, and there’s a lot of free spot for less interesting moon ores, something came to mind :

Previously, someone could anchor a thing called a Mobile siphon unit, to hijack moon ores transiting between the moon mining laser of a pos and the moon. It worked, I didn’t used it myself, but some POS I put at some point got briefly infected by those. There was a default in these siphons, which were out of game tools that showed that some moon goo was missing at some point.

But now that moon mining is active and done with refineries, a new purpose for these little buggers came to me :

Make mobile siphon capable of telling when the next moon roids will be available to mine on a infected refinery, with a spool up time of a few hours to give defenders some way to deter the use of them on a regular basis, or make the siphon work only one time.
The hybrid and rote variant of the siphons could be either cheaper to make for a one-time use, or faster to get the intel of the next moon mining op.

PVE players could use to know when to come mine some moon goo, and PVP players could know when to come to attack mining ships.

To prevent harassment and trolling with this new siphon, something like preventing to use them multiple times in a row could be forbidden. Dropping one in HS would make the player go suspect for the time the siphon will work too.

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