Resuscitation of the Small Mobile Siphon Unit

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With the moon mining change the small mobile siphon units become useless, because there is no longer any moongoo from POSs to steal.

But what if they were allowed to steal something else?

For example, the fuel from a citadel.
(Meta variants remove more units per time)

Since the citadels will have a basic need of fuel in the future, the possibility to remove the fuel could be an interesting way to disable citas without having to attack them several times.

This change will not lead the Small Mobile Siphon Unit out of it’s niche, but at least give them a future.


api made it useless day one

API did made it unless on day 0, due to, if your the CEO then you know who the hell is stealing crap from the crop and kick them and if it not friendly it just get shot down anyways.

resuscitation - rɪsʌsɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ - noun

  • the action or process of reviving someone from unconsciousness or apparent death.
    “paramedics were called and aggressive resuscitation was performed”

  • the action of making something active or vigorous again.
    “resuscitation of bygone artistic styles”

I’ve learned a new word! Thanks! :smiley:

Removing fuel seems a little too punishing, since fuel is the balancing factor to protect players who need to take short breaks from the game. Giving active players a way to undermine it feels cruel, especially since now they have a 24/7 attack window.

Given the way new structures work, I don’t know if an AFK draining module makes sense. I’d much rather see an on-ship module that requires you to actively hack something while staying on grid in order to gain from it. It would increase the odds of creating content.

A passive income source is being revamped into an active income source. Its not automatically justified that the method to steal from the old passive income source should be replaced with something new, because the reason why the stealing method was introduced was that the old income source was passive.

PS: That being said methods which allow clever and creative players to steal from careless people in null/wormholes are generally good for the game. ESS’s are one of these. We might think about more such methods, but I don’t think stealing fuel is a good idea.


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