A new sov system, planet control

I propose a new sov system, based on controlling planets. Planet control determined by an orbiting citadel, he who controls most planets, controls the system.

The idea came thinking about sov being based off citadels like it used to be with, but then even better narrow the focus, and not just have sov be determined by spam anywhere, have it be based on strategic locations which are both very logical and cosmetic.

If you have played most spaceship empire RTS’s old and new typically you battle over planets and have a space station over each one.

The system is simply based around deploying a citadel next to planet that then orbits it and only one is allowed so the destruction of the original must happen first. Territorial claim units and infrastructure hubs would be replaced by service modules that can be added on to citadels. Possibly one planet station be designated the system capital

This system has multiple objectives to take a solar system which vary based on system, not too many), and not too few. It forces fights on to these points which are both logical and functional, similar to how in NPC empire space with all major space stations on a particular planet, from a lore large space stations are put in orbit around a planet for production, travel and protection, it gives nullsec empires a reason to do it themselves.

Think about, so and so future battle on the news will be over a fortizar or keepstar on planet X, massive fleets converging, the planet forms the backdrop of the massive fleet battle over the space station over the planet.

To give an added perk of anchoring citadels to planets is that a new service mod (or just a free function) that the orbiting citadel functions as the orbital command center for receiving and sending PI, and have limitless storage along with other possible benefits.

Depending on interest of still wanting entosis links in game, they can still have a role in hacking citadels, though I would want the regular option exists of using guns. A idea that came to mind is that it is the only way to capture citadels that are undefended/abandoned or on the final part of structure.


Eve already had such system, but instead of planets was with moons and POSes. Was bad, really bad.

Pity him brethren for he knows not of what he asks

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