A new way to trade

This project is still in its infancy, given my experience in creating and growing market oriented communities, it is only right that I go big or go home.

With the current state of Jita Local chat and the relentless Hypernet spam I decided to create the in game channel ‘Jita Local II’ It is already growing and thriving with 100+ persistent members after only 2 days of being operational, I invite you all to join and take part in a moderated, spam/scam free Jita Local.

Building on the success of Jita Local II a channel for each trading hub has been created and is seeing good initial engagement even though the requirement for them is not as essential as in Jita. Please find the in game channels listing below.

Eve Local II - channel list
Jita Local II
Amarr Local II
Dodixie Local II
Rens Local II
Hek Local II

To round off the network we are building there is a fully functional discord server that emulates the Eve Online Marketplace forums with some added extras. Forums have been declining in use in favour of real time chat for years and to this end our server represents a comprehensive system to trade anything and everything eve related.

Please consider visiting the discord server and I will be paying attention to any feedback or ideas you have for the service as a whole. Please find a link to the discord server below.

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Interesting. I’ll join the discord.

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look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:

The Jita channel is now at 100+ persistent members and the Discord server has about 60 members

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