Can we get a separate trade chat for trade hubs?

Having crowded trade hubs like Jita it’s very interesting as you feel like being on an important city.
That feeling fades away when you realize it’s rather a lonely place as most of them are bots advertising things or rarely people spaming nonsense stuff at the local chat.

If you put a second chat while being on a trade hub and ask people to use it for trade purposes only and leave the local for any other things that would make being on a trade hub more meaningful while finding active people on it, instead of going to the forums which feels inefficient

I know we have the channel creation future but it isn’t the same, if it worked then local would not have any spam for automated or scaming purposes

All the bots would switch to that them


And that would be great. Saying something on local as brief as “does anybody want to duel?” Would become more feasible


ok, 2 channels with bots in it…nice try dude :smiley:


Are you saying they would bot in a channel that is not supposed to be used for Trading? Wouldn’t they get flagged immediatelly? Because right now independently on using bot or not, it’s all legal the messages being put there

You sincerely expect this to lead to consequences?

People flag newbie 1M SP predatory spam all the time and complain on these forums about how nothing is done about it.

I have never been to Jita and the more I read about it the less I want to go there.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to hang out in Jita any more time than to sell/buy your stuff and hotfoot outta there as fast as possible.
Asking to duel in Local, in Jita, isn’t a good idea either. There are a ton of other systems you can duel in.


I’d rather see local spammers instantly banned for a first offence, then perma-banned on a second.

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