A Nomad Tale

A Nomad Tale is a video series that follows a capsuleer on a bold, solo jaunt from Jita to deep Anoikis — starting with just an Orca and a dream.

A Nomad Tale 1 (1 hour 24 minutes) - reddit thread
A Nomad Tale 2 (1 hour 20 minutes) - reddit thread
A Nomad Tale 3 (1 hour 22 minutes) - reddit thread
A Nomad Tale 4 (1 hour, 26 minutes) - reddit thread

Disclaimer: These videos are not for everyone.

They’re quite long and full of tangents, discussions, and interactions with other Anoikis players. Indeed, the video is mostly intended as entertainment or inspiration for those wanting to try (or are curious about) the nomad playstyle. For those asking ‘what’s a nomad?’, I say…watch the intro of the first video! :slight_smile:

Within, I show off some incredibly embarrassing moments. My own pride aside, I felt it was important to be honest and show the good with the bad. Not to mention, the failures make the victories more significant. I think that if you watch the episodes in order, you’ll notice a tangible growth in our skills and mindset.

Please, if you have any corrections, comments, or criticism, drop me a comment here or on the video. I know I made a lot of mistakes (and not all of them due to my returning player status), but I’m happy to have you point them out with clarity so I can improve.

Thanks for checking it out!


Just watched to the end, great video, I liked that you narrated everything! From the preparations, into the first worldhole and to the next and how you made yourself all set in it and the things you found out along the weeks. Nomad life is really cool.

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I loved your video! Probably one of my favorite videos on EVE recently. Do you plan on releasing another one soon?

@Arya_Yeshe thank you very much! Nomading is really a unique slice of a unique game.

@Brinton_Anzomi Wow, really? That’s amazing, I’m glad you liked it. I actually just released the second episode!


That’s great! The first one that you put out I mostly just listened to as I worked. Reminds me a lot of the old Wingspan videos, except yours have been edited to be a little smoother. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in WH space, other than C3 daytripping (FW ftw) and your videos are a great mix of educational and entertaining. Will definitely give wormholes another shot in the future.

Nice, watched it all, what is cool is that it looks like a documentary, day 21 was dramatic.
It’s nice seeing all the thought process.

That Vargur got killed today:

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Holy smokes, how awesome is that.

I’m seeing an absolute ton of marauders just yoloing. A current goal of mine is to get to a point where I can take these out on my own. Gonna work hard to get there!

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Love those videos. Keep up the great content. The second video was so much of fun.

A Nomad Tale 4 (1 hour, 26 minutes)

We’re up to 4 videos. It’s been such a trip.

Thanks to everyone for the love, support, and advice.

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Do you need donations?

No, thank you, though!

The only way I’m benefitting from the videos is through the referral system.

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Episode 5 is out! Switching to monthly episodes now.

Also, I think I made a mistake here on the forums. The account I originally used to post this thread (kenny the kid) was deleted in game, and now it appears I can’t access it on the forums to edit/update the post. Anyone know what I should do? Just report this thread for deletion and make a new one maybe?

Decent watch, only on EP 3 so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking it out. I hope you get some enjoyment out of the clips!

Episode 6 is now out!

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