Frontier module, new ships class; expedition - Expanding on exploration and end game

So this sort of came to be the other night and I have been meaning around on how to formulate it, not sure if it’s going to be well received but I’ll try my best here and see what sticks.

There will be several preface here and look for the +'s if you want to skip down to the suggestions

First is the identification of what I see not so much as a problem, but rather there being a real lack or a solution or method of going about end game exploration and the nomad life style of eve. After browsing the forms for some times, dating from recent to the way back ago, there are many people who had at some point given the nomadic life a go in eve. Most of these were done in orcas, stratios, or with the recent change to the t3 cruisers the tengu. But I noticed majority of these nomad livers had to do so with multiple accounts and or alt to accomplish various tasks. The most notable of all was the mother ship pilot, normally flying orcas or a bowhead, and then the main who would follow suit with them. The other alternative was to do it in a straight tengu which with refitting ability made it very viable but not possible for extended periods of time, with only 460m^3 or cargo before ammo, and a Depot you were strapped for space.

With that said this led me to the idea of what if there was a way for a single player, or possibly a small band of players, say up to 5, to really touch one of the fun aspects of eve, exploration in both the data/relic way and just traveling the stars. One of the biggest draw backs to the game for new players is the fact that for a good while you are stuck in a region tied to a home station until you can really get your feet wet and even then there is still a sense of being tethered. What if instead there was a way to truly be able to experience the nomad life in eve with out the need for multiple accounts and alts, something that’s not very appealing to most people that are just starting, or for a small group of people.


Enter in a new module called the frontier module which can be fitted to carriers, dreadnaughts, freighters, orca, bow head, and a potential new ship expadition ships. This module would not be stackable with the siege module and would come in 2 variations, and basic frontier module and the covert ops module.

When fitted, a ship can activate it’s frontier module and begin to anchor itself in place, this process takes between a min and 30seconds depending on skill. Once complete the fitted ship becomes unable to align, move, or warp, similer to the bastion module of a maruader. While activated the ship receives a bonus to it’s scanning probes, increased defenses, and a bonus to drone range, more importantly while activated the ship then acts as a mobile Depot does for members of the fleet or the ship pilot itself. Butore importantly and unique it allows the current pilot to undock into a ship that is currently in it’s fleet hanger and the anchored ship then becomes more like a mobile Depot and allows the player to then explore and begin operations in the area with the mother ship being the mobile base of operations. As a single player they can set up, and scan down location with the modeuls bonus to scanning, then undock with what ever ship they need, with larger ships able to hold a myriad of vessels for what ever they need.

Now the covert module would be more for a solo player, it would work just like the above but would not give the ship any defense, or drone range bonus, instead the covert module would cloak the ship while in frontier mode when nothing is within 2k m, this allows the single player to be able to confidently leave to the rest of the system and do what they would like and able to return to their mother ship.

Then that leads to the suggestion of expedition ships. These would be a new xl ship size that could either be for each empire faction or for soe and Ore. These ships would specialize in the role of useing the frontier module. With a native bonus to scanning, a fleet hanger of around 600,000~750,000m^3 able to fit a series of cruisers and frigs or even a single large battle ship and a smaller secondary vessel making it also perfect for the incursion runner looking to move goods around as well. With an emphasis on defense and not so much at offense.

The goal of these would be to appeal to explorers who want to go beyond just flying into a worm hole and scannig what they can and leave, or wanting to be tied down to a station, this is for people who want to pack up and love across new Eden, only making occasional trips back to empire space or where ever to sell and rearm with out the need for having the manage multiple accounts, or alts, something as said not appealing to new players.

Now you may think this is rediculous your asking for a cloaked space station with increased defenses! While yes that is in a nut shell what it is, a mobile home, it still is not this invincible ship, while activating and deactivating it’s frontier module it’s very vulnerable as it does not receive any buffs to defense. While players interact with it they are at risk of getting found and killed as well as is the case with depots.

Well no one would want to go for them, a tanked bow head with increased defenses!? Pass! I would agree if that bow head was also not carrying a host of juicy exploration ships and more.

So that’s my idea of a new mechanic in the game, to give solo, nomad, small gangs a nice little, semi safe, mobile Depot/ home to explore in. To warp into a nice little work hole unpack and camp for the day and site run, to fill up their holds return to mother ship and sail back home. Thank you for reading if you did, fly safe.

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There are some options currently and more in the works that could achieve much of what you want already. Although it does require the use of an alt the Carrier class already allows you to fit a cloak and probes, jump drive from system to system, refit, and store spare ships and modules in the ship hanger and fleet hanger respectively.
They also are remarkably cheap to fit on a budget if you avoid the T2 capital modules.

Another option is the Nestor. The Nestor is light and agile for a battleship, packs a serious punch with drones, can easily fit cloaks / probes / logi in the highs, fits nicely into most wormholes, has refitting services, and has quite a bit of storage space inside (875 + 5k me iirc)

CCP has mentioned several times that they want to add a new ‘forward operating base’ type structure that would allow for brief deployments and expeditions into wormholes or deep null. It is unknown what features, price point, and attribute they will possess but that could also provide an option for you in the near future.

From what I can tell the functionality you seek seems like it would be best achieved by an anchor-able structure instead of a ship class. Ejecting from a ship that would remain cloaked has its own set of problems. How do you get back in? What if you forget to book mark it? What if you get podded? Does it persist after downtime?

I would very much like to see some of those features and I have looked into the carrier and to be honest I would love to be able to do exactly what you mentioned in said carrier but as mentioned it requires alts and multiple accounts. As for getting back to the cloaked ship it would just be tagged in your overview, but I’m not gonna pretend it would not be with out it’s own problems.

While I can’t wait to see a forward operating base added I feel the big problem still comes down to cargo space which does not really allow for true nomad life style.

Is there any information on when those updates might be out ?

I was about to start poking holes in this. And then I thought about it a bit more.

And towards the overall concept of being able to anchor a carrier in space, cloaked, so that I can eject something else out of it… I actually kind of like it.

That said, I feel this is much more in the purvey of a Titan than a Carrier. They’ve got clone bays, they’ve got bridges.

Regardless of that, the very first thing that I thought of was a blops group. You load up your battleship, recon, and some bombers into the fleet hanger. You jump into a staging system, anchor, cloak, and then eject whichever hull you intend to fly.

It would allow for a much more aggressive posture when using blops for area denial tactics and other persistent presence ops. The same holds true for other ops. Carrier group stages forward, skirmish with subs when the circumstance calls for it, and then return.
The flip side is that I’d NEVER trust a cloak to be sufficient on account of spies. Given a chance, even your best friends will burn you in Eve.

And really my goal behind this was to appeal to the solo player and or small group of friends. Because for a lot of solo players it’s quite difficult to leave your home station once you are set up. This allows you to really see all of eve.

Solo players are few and far between. A massive feature such as this will need to cater to the masses or it’ll never have the traction it needs to get implemented.

I see where you’re coming from… but a solo player chooses to play a massively multiplayer game as a solo player. They’re choosing to make their lives more difficult. The game is definitely geared towards collaborative effort.


Are you aware that you can drop your loot in any system and either get a public courier to move it back to a location of your choice, or if you are in null sec use asset safety in order to place the items in a station that you can access in low sec. That option comes at a cost of course.

If you want to do it as a group, then one of that group could be in a cloaky blockade runner and the others in scanning ships, either something like an astero or T2 cov-ops.

Data and relic sites are all pretty low m3, so a BR and x number of scanning ships can hold a lot of stuff

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Thank you for the reply, yes I do realize that’s possible but that was not the only main goal of what I was suggesting this was more for mobile operations for nomad living.

The idea here is for players or gangs who want to live outside of stations for long periods of time with out the need to have alts or multiple accounts. I use the example of an orca having this module so they can carry around say their cruiser for combat sites and exploring, and or mining rig to collect and or mine but still have a nice little pocket to fall back to.

While yes data and relics don’t take up much room I agree but this is more for setting out and exploring, harvesting and looting then bring it all back to Port so to say.

If your in a gang you could do that but by each person bringing different ships, but yeah in that case a little no good for solo, unless you can alter a t3c so alternative between the different types of ship you would need, explorer, combat ship, scount etc

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tbh that would be a super fun idea for a role for a ship like the new Triglavian super-duper-capital to fill - not being able to dock, but allowing others to dock in it & being able to self-navigate and lock down in to set up a sort of temporary base or beachhead~

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As a super capital it would be worth really interesting idea and while it definitely could be done solo, I guess it still has the problem of flying a super cap solo can still be a pain. But I love the looks of their ships for sure.

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In order for covert config not to be OP I’d suggest anchored ship to cloak up if there is nothing within 1-3-5 AU, not 2km. Anything could decloak if flew by to add vulnerability. Adds server load thou.

Absolutely love nomad style. That’s why I cling to lasers, crystals dont take much space and last for weeks. EVE sites do not encourage nomad style thou. Except WH I cant think of a place you would go to stay for more than a week for example.

I went on null roams as solo highsec based explorer, and longest I stayed was 3 days. Entering and leaving through chain of high-WH-null-WH-high. Or ending up in a gatecamp.

Covert capitals for solo players.

No, not just no, F NO!


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