Exploration ship skill

so here’s the idea.
create and implement a new skill “exploration ship” which can be added to non combat style ships, such as;

  • the astero
  • heron
  • buzzard
  • other non combat style scanning ships.

as a skill an example of possible bonuses could be things like.

  • Increase scan strength per level (core probes)
  • faster warp transversal
  • faster cool downs for cloaking (this would be good in relation to my suggestion on main AFK cloaky Thread)

(further more depending on how the new nullification will work)

  • POSSIBLE longer durations for nullification modules (so you can be nullified for longer allowing explo players to load grid, hit their nullification module and be nullified for the next say 30 minutes again depending on how it works)

slap in there for good measure that exploration ships cannot fit cyno’s to prevent people switching straight from SB’s → exploration ships to keep afk cloaky camping or using exploration ships to smuggle in some cyno’s to enemy territory (this way you want to bring a cyno, you use a combat ship)

keeping the aspect of exploration more PVE based & potentially scouting based
meaning you have to go out and actually scout and can’t sit around cloaked all day
and i think this could work out well for exploration players.

the concept being you can fly in and out of wormholes and space not only have bonuses for the type of frigate you’re flying but for the classification of ships.

we have salvage and mining as skills, obviously scanning skills we also have specific “mining frigate” as a skill

so instead of creating a new range of ships, we could just add a exploration ships as a skill to the currently exisiting explo ships and have some small bonuses which progress with level.

with the right tweeks it would mean more time for players to invest in skills and have good bonuses.

it would also be good to explore this as an expert system for new bros to come in and get a handle on exploration ships too.

perhaps max skills + role bonus + implants could make exploration ships better than they currently are in game which would give the exploration guys (Especially for finding the new gas clouds and such)

a much better and more efficent way of finding things, would also be good for intel as well as ninja salvaging imho.

TLDR: create a skill to improve aspects of exploration for PVE players and apply bonuses from that skill to non combat related ships

Calling heron and astero “non combat” scanning ship clearly shows you don’t have slightest idea what you are talking about. Not even mentioning game balance or understanding basics of game mechanics.

Only thing coming from your “proposal” is that you are lazy and want to farm without taking any risks.


Your AFK idea is dumb, but now you want to force exploration to use an additional skill to offset said dumb idea? To get what they already have?


a heron has no bonuses to combat skills.

the proposed ideas are to further reduce risks to exploration vessels which are not hard wired towards combat, a bonus to drone damage is miniscule by comparison to other ships in the game.


only part of my idea here is relevent to my afk post, some of it is intended as consideration in upcoming changes to the game.

structure cores ring any bells?

actually what would be great is if the CCP instead of granting role bonuses to specific ships, created skills for these ship roles and then apply the skill to the correct ships, this way you could have a further, wider and clearer range of ships which already exisit in game to perform specific roles which could then be improved on by skill level rather than a flat role bonus.

combat ships do A
explo ships do B
mining ships do C
Capitals do D

mechanically they have been doing this for a while now making sure that ships are more closely grouped together, i figured having an exploration skill would be cool, we have a mining and salvage skill
scanning skills are applicable skills to exploration but no specific “exploration ships”
but we have ships which grant role bonuses, seems like changing the role bonus to exploration ship skill would be an improvement.

this would be no more different from any other RPG in that sense where you have a toon statted out for something and then change your armour. typically in other RPG’s you pick a role and stick to it then minmax.

in eve you can cross train.
I see no reason why exploration ships shouldn’t be a skill.

didn’t make this post with myself in mind but rather other players who enjoy exploration and could create a line of division from those who abuse cloaking vs those who use cloaking.



doesn’t mean its design is for combat
but the game has been unbalanced for years
nothing surprises me anymore.

There are many exploration skills already, I don’t see the point in adding more.


(Just for clarity, have you looked at the bonuses and drone bay of the Astero? That ship is a fighter! My favourite fighter for event sites when I can run them in a frigate.)

of course you wouldn’t

yes i have

you do understand that this ship is meant to be able to clear certain sites and perform a certain task. this way when a player sits in the seat of that ship they can do this role and act independantly without assistance from anyone else allowing people to explore the game play experience as intended which is why it has those bonuses just like 99% of other ships in the game

because you failed to grasp this concept entirely on another post

As someone who makes most of their ISK doing non-combat exploration, I ask you this - what are the following skills:

  • Covert Ops
  • Cloaking
  • Archaology
  • Astrometric Acquisition
  • Astrometric Pinpointing
  • Astrometric Rangefinding
  • Astrometrics
  • Hacking

I would classify those skills as ‘exploration skills that allow you to scan faster, hack faster and ship bonuses to fly your exploration ship better’. Isn’t that exactly what you’re asking for?

These skills already exist. Again, I see no point in adding more.

actually my origonal thinking on this subject would be creating a degree of seperation between PVE exploration ships and other possible ships such as combat ships like the stealth bomber (which was the implied form of combat ship as well as the black ops ships in my origonal post) and by doing this making exploration much specialised role within the game

given resource distribution and rebalance in the game especially including the importance of gas sites.

giving exploration players something to do other than finding gas, data, relic & FOB sites would be highly important.

it is my opinion that by adding this skill and creating a degree of seperation from combat and industry roles could be used as a stepping stone to building on content for exploration users, which could then be used as a building block for further content for other players and be hugely benefical to game play

other than creating new assets, older assets could easily be recycled and furhter repurposed for content for example in mission sites there are an array of assets which are used and labelled as things like “drug lab” or “refinery” and such things there are also things such as “asteroid colonies”

so how cool would it be to find an old abandonded drifting in deep space refinery and you warp in to discover you can hack the refinery to get it working.

the refinery could have either stored amount or perhaps even produce some minerals over time untill it despawns due to “being old” and “suffering from tidal stresses” this of course is just an example

but the point behind this example and this concept is by creating a more discoverable assets in the game which could be calculated balanced and accounted for in dynamic resource distribution meaning actively having exploration players who are involved in PVE by naturally being curious and exploring sites which exisit in the game or by perhaps facing rooms and challanges which are unlocked via the hacking mini game at increasingly and scaled difficulties.

you naturally want exploration players exploring the game, because as they do it trickles down into other aspects of game play, weather or not this is some kind of “experimental module” or “abandonded refineries”

further more these types of discoveries would actually be REALLY REALLY COOL if there was a relaunch and intergration of the FPS shooter again, which in fact my old dust corp still exisits within the game, further more the code for and given the recent events in high sec the code for orbital strikes still exisits in the game (titan doomsday’s a planet)

given i CAN do exploration but however don’t actively do it at the moment, i can understand how i have made some flaws and errors along the way in this post. but if you took for example the heron and took away its ability to fit guns and had it focus more exclusively on exploration.

an exploration player, could find something and then keep it for themselves.
or alternatively can call out to his corp / alliance mates that he’s found something
should the something be valuable or an asset in high demand it could then lead to fleets flash forming and content for all players (perhaps like a capture the flag or defend this area for x amount of time mini event) the idea being you can find these sites and the low level ones you can make some good quick isk from, but further implying juicer (POSSIBLE resource finds) or other mini events require players to defend or get in quick before it despawns.

this is similar to escalation sites for combat.

i mean how cool would it be if you’re an exploration pilot, flying around and you detect this really unusual signature and you find its an acceleration gate, so you actually hack the gate and can warp through and on the other side you discover say a combat site…

the combat site looks like a mission site, decorated accordingly with several assets, there being asteroid colonies and other structures and things where in the center you see several carriers which are BEING infested… then a timer starts

you then have say… 30 minutes to clear the site, but you clearly can’t clear it alone, so you put out a ping.

failure to clear the site means those infested carriers start warping around the system.

or perhaps even something like a titan, giving the feel to the game that the ships we fight in space are actually constructed (so following this, in this example, these infested carriers would of actually been constructed here and are being infested before release)

again though this is all concept and ideas ideas, the idea would be to improve aspects for exploration players being able to act and operate independantly but also be of importance and their activies relevent to larger groups, making them as pve players just as important to game play experience for different approaches as pvp pilots.

but In my humble opinion to do this you would need to create a relevant degree of obvious seperation (and further content, which i believe they’re working on) where you can explore and make a living on exploration. but sometimes you might find something that your group needs, or you might come across a challange you can’t handle by yourself, which should be a viable aspect to exploration.

finding old and abandonded stations and being able to hack the databanks for the isk stored in that stations wallet which could be exchanged for isk (similar to bank robbing)

edit: in the examples given these are just concept examples and ideas i came up with on the fly i’m not saying that these exact scenarios should be implemented should anything on this post be liked the idea and approach of balancing it as i have said in many other posts will come down to the dev teams / better minds than myself.

Exploration already is a specialised role within the game.

The ship skill just shares it’s specialisation just with the other frigate with CovOps cloaks: the bombers. That doesn’t make exploration any less specialised.

The scanning skills share the specialisation with combat probers, but that doesn’t make exploration any less specialised.

It just means there’s overlap between the purpose of those skills, which is a good thing because it means that when you train for thing A, some of your skills will also be useful in activity B.

It would be nice to have more things to find while exploring, but I don’t think it’s highly important.

I would love to see more variety in sites that we can find, maybe some very rare sites that surprise even an experienced explorer when they find it, as there is a lot of repetition when you keep finding the same sites over again.

But while I would love to find new things for explorers to find, I still see no reason to add new skills for that. There are many skills for explorers to train already and unless you have a good reason to add another skill, I don’t see the purpose of adding new skills ‘for extra specialisation’. Exploration already is highly specialised.

okay i do genuine see your point, i suppose then in the context of my suggestion instead of it being a ship skill perhaps an “abnomoly detection” skill then, this way you can use your scan skills to detect abnormalities in space which would be these alternative sites

I agree, I believe they are planning on adding more explo stuff down the line, i remember hearing something about the EVE Gate and other discoverable up structures or something like that i admit my knowledge is, I figured it would be a significant improvement to individual and group game play if they were such abnormal finds like production plants, refineries, hidden resources and such things.

even if the new types of sites was still limited it would be more awesome for these players if what they discovered was in fact important on some level and the discovery relevant to other

well with your point in mind my thinking instead of it being a ship skill perhaps there could be another signal of something like “anomolous signal detection” or some other cleverly worded skill which would allow people to find these unusual signatures.

i mean you could tie it into the already exisiting skills, but i feel like an extra skill for new content would just make it a bit juicier

if no new skill then i would probably make a case for something like

a new deployable would be an anchorable “data collector” in space which would detect all these stray and abnormal signals and sift through them similar to how we have SETI in the real world.

you can return to it and dig through it and find these new odd sites,
deployable similar to the mobile observatories however these would be hackable to the ESS banks in sov structures.
this way the “data” collected by players becomes a resource within it self
the data collector could give you “star charts” or something for these other deep space pockets.

not sure how the lore works exactly on sensors but i’m sure its something to do with gravity similar to the warp drive (you have to lock onto the gravity signature so you don’t end up away from your intended destination)

if thats the case it would be possible to understand how or why we see these sites in space because they’re automatically detected because they have a sig radius above a certain range, which is also why we have to scan down ships and such things because they’re smaller in scale and thus smaller sig range.

so perhaps these “micro anomolies” could become a thing. if not a skill perhaps an acompanying deployable which would generate a resource which would be interesting to have players fight over.

make that data worth stealing and it adds data stealing as content, valueable and useful to other player groups.

I may not of landed a bullseye but i feel there is definately something to this.

I think CCP recently added and improved a couple new special sites like that.

Not ‘exploration gameplay’ in the EVE exploration-scan-and-hack mindset sites, but beacons any ship can explore by visiting and looking. The EVE gate is one such location.

I visited many of them for the first time during the recent grand prix event.

I’ve yet to go to the EVE Gate in game, been meaning too for years.

way before EVE Was sold I remember a few eve buddies saying they had always intended to make the eve gate an interactive object, but back then the game was struggling

cirlcing back to the main subject of this thread and specifically my previous post

I actually thought given the recent invasions if the empire got their hands on trig technology instead of a data collector they could create these “micro anomolies” i mentioned before which could get larger similar to how the trig technology, i believe they had different size anomolies occouring in high sec during the invasion, pirate factions could of stolen the tech to build war ships or something.

this way the more juicy high end stuff i mentioned wouldn’t of “been in a system the whole time” but more sort of “discoverable microsingularity” so like how the trig ships jump through to our systems in the early days of invasions, exploration players can jump through their own micro singularity and find these awesome discoveries.

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