Is my Ideal Experience Viable?

I need help, I haven’t really played in four ish years (hence why it’s in the newbie zone). I have a way I’d like to play but am afraid I’d get absolutely obliterated in the process.

I’d like to be a space nomad, roaming from system to system. I’d have a good focus on exploration and the like. I muse about a completely mobile lifestyle, hanging in a system til I get bored then plotting the next 30 some of jumps away. I’d quite literally pack up everything, and I do mean everything, and begin process of moving to a different station. That which I couldn’t carry with myself just gets scrapped or sold, whichever works best. Ideally, I’d have a ship or deployable that would allow me to basically camp out inside with.

Are there any new ships or the like that kind of cater to this idea? Or is this just likely to get everything I have blown up because the new EVE is full of hyperaggressive, bloodthirsty players?

People do this all the time in Asteros. Anything bigger than perhaps a cruiser will get killed in a gate camp sooner or later.

This is neither viable nor advisable for numerous reasons; however, it is sensible to have numerous bases of operation so that you don’t have to haul things around but you’ll have things handy when you return. If you ever get into industry, you can manufacture basics you cannot buy or acquire on demand with resources you acquire locally - the only thing you need to bring with you are blueprint copies that have negligible volumes.

Explorers are not necessarily (and usually aren’t) nomads.


People do play as nomads. My first corp in EVE was nomadic. It’s not an easy way to play. Your game time is by turns boring (vast swathes of emptiness in nullsec when you’re wondering when you’ll see another face in local) punctuated by moments of sheer terror (meeting gate camps), sprinkled with those rare moments of elation (when you escaped a gate camp), and shadowed all around by “what ifs” (should I have asset safety my loot back two systems ago?)

But, the rewards are memorable, and in many cases cannot be taken from you. The first time you BS your way out of a sticky situation, or traveling to a far distant system and seeing Cloud Ring up close for the first time, or going to the EVE Gate and dropping a can with your name on it…can be wonderful experiences.

When I was a new player I went to Curse. That trip is one of my favorite memories of EVE, and no one can take it from me.

People have smart bombed me, I’ve been caught in gate camps, caught unawares belt ratting, the list goes on. I lost ships; but, I don’t lose the memories.

You’ll want to learn how to travel through worm holes, make safe spots, learn the timing on logging off (so you can do it safely in a busy system.

I’d go with a cloaky ship, personally, and pack a mobile depot, so you can refit depending upon what you want to do. Check the ingame map, and zkill for activity when you’re planning a move. Be flexible, you can avoid a lot of losses, if you just take your time.

Remember there are no guarantees of open markets where you will be, so if you stop somewhere cause you like the scenery you may pay outrageous prices for items that are common in highsec. Archer is right about blueprints, I’ve carried them for ammo, and shuttles. Also, some items may be simply unavailable on a local market, so if I thought I was staying long enough in an area I have sometimes put up market orders on otherwise unobtainable items. If you pay enough, chances are someone will accept the contract.

And one more thing, just cause that nice npc station is empty when you dock there, it doesn’t mean when you next log in, it will be empty. So, make your instaundock bookmarks before you log off.

If you are serious about this, I’d practice a bit in highsec first. Just learning to make do with the local market can be a learning experience. I have a velator with lazers on it, somewhere, cause I scanned down a ded one, in an area with no market to speak of at all, and I had a scanning ship with no gun. So, “I boarded my corvette” bought the lazers and a damage control and an afterburner and after a few hair-raising moments docked with 40 million in loots. The thought of that velator still puts a smile on my face.

If you do this, it will change your perspective on EVE in ways you can’t imagine now. I got hooked on EVE, while on that Curse trip I wrote of earlier. I got chased through I don’t know how many systems in Scalding Pass, up though Cache by Russians. I was flying “blind” and they were “coursing me”. There were three at all times. Successfully eluding them changed EVE for me, forever.

That’s another memory that can’t be taken from me.

Best of luck.


:+1: I did that for about 1.5 years, it was a nice “walkabout” period. I used a covert-ops-cloak nullified T3 strategic cruiser. Bubbles and gate camps were no problem. f11 system-map is your friend… Did some “exploration” for ISK when needed but really didn’t need much.

I haven’t done that with a T3 since T3s were changed a while back though, so not 100% sure it would still be fine. People also use T2 covert-ops-cloak scan ships for nomading, but they are of course not immune to bubbles.

There was a website (EvE Travel if I recall?..don’t know if it’s still out there…) that had many different things to see in EvE. That was interesting.

The new EvE? It’s always been like that. In fact, it used to be more so, actually.


edit: A T1 scan ship with a MicroWarpDrive and Improved cloak using the MWD-cloak trick might work for a bit… If nothing else it could be an interesting death.

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What are some ships that help facilitate this?

You could tour hisec in a cargo fit Orca carrying lots of stuff plus multiple ships in the bay. You could carry Astero for side trips into low/null/WH or mining ships, or PvE ships or whatever you think you might need.
Use the Orca as a mobile base then do region tours with your other ships. might not be exactly what you had in mind but is practical.

I can’t recall, do people suicide gank more or less than they used to?

I’ve personally used a helios, the astero (Xeux mentioned) and a stratios, so a gallente ship and two of the SOE ships. The helios and astero are frigates and the stratios is a cruiser.

I started out doing combat exploration in the helios. Yes, I know the helios is not a combat ship; but, if you find an excellent area for that (combat anons, or lots of scanable deds), I’d look for a potential base and start checking the market for usable ship hulls and appropriate fittings. If I could potentially make more then buying what I needed cost, then I’d stop. I’d treat the hull plus fittings as rental equipment. Buying rigs was a flip of the coin decision, when I was new I never bought them, cause you can’t unfit them. As my bank account increased, I did.

Over time I figured out what I could/should actually carry myself. Blueprints for ammo, a shuttle blueprint, metal scraps for manufacturing the shuttle, extra drones, mobile depot, etc.

The SOE ships are fit for really low align times, and can travel cloaked. None of the ships are immune to interdiction (bubbles); but I can warp cloaked at distance and see for myself if there is a gate/bubble/whatever, and make an on the spot decision as to what to do next.

When I started I traveled gate to gate. I circumnavigated New Eden gate to gate. Now, I travel by wormhole.

This is a lot easier now, as you can asset safety loot back to low. Sure, you have to pay a fee for that; but it is cheaper than either abandoning stuff or cutting a trip short just cause you can’t carry it all.

I can’t really speak to relic and data sites. I do them, but they’ve never really been my focus. I travel to travel, or travel to do combat exploration.

Actually, I’ll correct that. I travel to see what’s going to happen next. Combat exploration is just what I do while waiting around for “what’s next.”

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How did you fit two frigs into a cruiser?

I don’t. You can’t.

There’s been a misunderstanding. I flew each ship at different times in my EVE career.

Something new that came about since you played, you can actually house a Frigate in a Battleship.

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