Pirate/nomad base ship

pirate/nomad base-ship which could be moved easily - through cyno or even cc

  • few sizes to allow 10, 20, 30 ppl to enjoy nomad life
  • roams far behind normal borders
  • pve in some systems far behind everything
  • clone bay ability to allow ppl jump through
  • real skirimsh fights without being stopped or camped on predicted routes
  • even used by blocks to keep border on fire

What rly hurt us (relatively small corp) in past was being forced to join big blocks.
PVP with small fleets - then lowsec (and it was time when setting up ss back was not so simple as it is now), and currently lowsec has its own faction wars, not all want to be involwed.
Or set base in some lowsec and roam through null
Or make deal with one side, set tower on border territory, and do roams from there.
Or live in WH and do roams to null/low when wh-gate open

My corp was trying this and many other things - and we enjoyed it a lot, but moving all stuff to/from base/wh/tower - and being anchored to one place after that -waiting for all ppl to find time and move… it killed us at least.

Maybe idea is totally stupid, maybe it been considered in past (didnt find it but could use other key-words than necessary)… anyway - it’s mine and it’s the thing I could “sell” to friends from my corp and encourage them to install EVE once again.

The needlejack filaments were introduced to make this kind of gameplay easier. Instead of needing a special ship, you use their magic item to transport your whole fleet somewhere new.

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Kinda sounds like you want a supecarrier with a clone bay.

Or a supercarrier with the mothership capabilities that CCP originally envisioned, long ago.


Something like that, but not so expensive and not so powerfull, covert-weak-mothership?..
Also - losing such a ship would mean to lose all clones and ships gathered but it would be risk of being nomad :smiley:

And in past - I rly considered to buy Nyx just for this purpose, but past then I had not enough skills and then - some of the patch cleared out my dreams :slight_smile:
(exactly as you mentioned Xeux - long ago…)

What I’m missing is a way to be not anchored to one place. Joined EVE after few years of absence and there’s still mostly stationary fight.
Something is destroyed, something else is created, but mostly… nothing changed.

( Ok… maybe much more gankers on highsec, and a bit more ppl since corona appear… )

That is because low sec died when jump freighters were introduced - so all the lowsec pirates just figured out how to be highsec gankers instead.

Jump freighters was in common use for rly long time… but maybe something changed with mechanics (sry, this game is so complex that even with huge time spent in past it takes time to keep up…).
Anyway - now, each time I see tornados near gate/station I’m ensuring I have proper ss created… never thought old habits from null would be usefull in hs…

Ah - sorry - missed your post related to “needlejack filaments”, I thought about them but they’re seems to be related for suicide roams. You’d never know where you land, you cant prepare entry/exit routes just in case, you wont know your enemy so you cant addapt in advance… seems rather like random roams comming from nowhere to scare some miners/ratters (not even sure if ratters are still there…).
Hit fast, run away if possible, die in fight - and do other roam to random area… could produce nice fights but doubt…

I was thinking rather about somthing for new/common ppl, which are not so brave, but want to find their places to stay, and move when neigbours start to acting funny.

To me eve is rly rly too small even with numerous systems and wh empty - as each time you start to do anything there you’ll be forced to join some forces, or be ganked, or afk-cloakers appear.
Active randomly for 1hr and just staying afk for rest of day… I knew how it works as we used the same in past. Few alts with cover cyno, roams on each night, and checking if something tasty appear on any afk-cloak-system appear just to jump there… old times :slight_smile:

People from the same Corp as the Carrier should be simply able to dock on a Carrier and change ships, and refit etc. if the Carrier jumps, docked people jump together with the Carrier.
If the Carrier pops > same behavior as Citadels in Wormholes.

You don’t need to dock to do any of that stuff. Again this is just a supercarrier.

You don’t need to - but docking would be cool.


I too have wanted something like this! It would be nice to be able to go to some system way outside of normal traffic to do PVE. There are lots of places in null that hardly anyone ever visits… but getting there is next to impossible sometimes… and getting out with your loot is even harder if you use needlejack filaments.

In past I used T3 with covert and invul module to travel through deep enemy null solo - but doing anything except scanning and plexes was nearly impossible.
I used same ship for transport when necessary (can hold up to 1k m3)… but all of this was just bypassing problems rather :slight_smile:

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