For those who live a nomadic life style

how often do you move, how long does it take for you to move, and why?

for the longest time ive been living in the quiter part of minmatar space but now im in a WH, but honestly I want to move somewhere else again. and living in one place isnt as satisfying to me as I would think. (except in one specific system I know in MH region)

eventually ill move out in null but thats not for a bit till i scout out where i would want to live

Edit: just to be clear I own the 3 types of structures so when I say move i really mean move lol


I follow the mission Agents where I am grinding the Rep, though I presently no long have structures.

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Structures damaged this style of play badly


I used to be able to fit my needed stuff/ships in 3 carriers. The rest just stayed there in case I ever came back. I always enjoyed “rediscovering” assets that cant undock due to updates (nanocanes for example).
Destroyable stations means I now have alot of asset safety wraps lol

If you want to be more nomadic, you may want to try limiting your assets.
And yeah, without a POS things got more complicated :frowning:


generally and fortunately i can fit everything i have besides ships into my Fenrir so moving is super easy and convenient. moving fitted and packaged ships on the other hand is a bit of a bitch :stuck_out_tongue:

Im an industrialist so i prefer having at least a raitaru but i also have an athanor now plus it gives me something to do although adds to my planning everytime i look for systems

I have a orca loaded with my 3 exhumers for my options and before the heavy missile nerf i had a nighthawk in the pay for missions which has been replaced with a stratios for exploration i solo 4&5/10s in

I am based out of a WH with lowsec static so im in a new place every day, then splash back in and cloak up.

I just saw this in another thread.

The ultimate solo pvp?

I have a ‘home’ NPC base, but constantly wander with corp mates in an orca (with a kitchen sink of ships in the hold) from base to base for anything upto a month. Nice and varied that way.

“How long since we did gas?”
“There’s one here.”
“Okay, grab the gas gear.”

Sort of like going on tour. Typically go on another one within a week of the last one ending.

We’ll probably settle at some time, but we’ve also made new business contacts we’d never have before.


I used to grab a corvette, transfer any isk on my toon to an alt, and then run off to another area to build up a new fleet of ships from the ground up, buying or building off the local market. At one point I had three mining and missioning fleets in low-sec areas as well as four full sets of sips in high-sec. Almost all the low-sec stuff went with me when I went to null and I left it out there.

I’m actually due to try another 0 isk adventure to a new area. Not sure if I’ll do another Low Sec Dive or not.

Back when there was decent loot drops and NPC convoys between stations I would even challenge myself to run off of only what I could build and salvage. That took a lot longer, but it was a fun experiment. I got busted once for hauling slaves and the customs fine put me at negative isk and I had to submit a ‘stuck’ ticket to be let go of by the web/scram of the customs ship.


I have a bases near Amarr and near Jita and few ships stashed in other places, my biggest stash is near delve, been there since BoB, but too many jumps to go get them. Last year I did a major delete of alot of junk built up over the last decade.

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