Structure between Mobile Depots and Medium Upwell structures for those who dont share the norm

I see from a search that this idea has been brought up several times without any real discussion other than criticism. however with POS mechanics being eventually removed, I’d like to see a structure setup to replace Small/Medium POS structures with limited function designed to benefit those who don’t work within the norm.

Years ago I was part of a nomadic group who lived in WH’s using small and medium POS towers. While the corp is long gone and many players are no longer in game, I’ve recently returned to the game with the idea to slowly buildup a similar corp.

Heard about the citadels and engineering complexes, looked at the features and specs and imediately, looked back at POS’s only to notice that they are being removed and some of the functionality seemed to have already been removed. This leaves a hole, if you pardon the pun.

We were a corp that peaked around 10 people, running approx 15 characters, who lived out of T3’s, DST’s/BR’s and Orca’s moving from WH to WH, on occasion dropping to Null or LS as and where needed, using POS’s to setup temporary Bases(Forward Operating Base?), deploying them to farm out of then pulling the setup down and moving on.

We made afew billion from exploration, PI, mining, etc a month Never staying still longer than 72 hours in one location, often setting up base within an hour, doing what we needed to do, pulling everything down within an hour and moving on again. Often without many even knowing we had been there.

We werent really interested in setting up long term anywhere, and to be honest had no interest in living in highsec or Lowsec, or with alliances in Null, many alliances didn’t support or share our gameplay and content, after all its a sandbox where you make your own content. We were nomadic and loved the danger of it. Recently watched a blog series on youtube of someone doing the same thing(A Nomad Tale - YouTube)

The Citadel, Refineries and Engineering complexes have the functionality based on what modules are put on them but the anchoring and unanchoring delay is completely unworkable and the cost makes it prohibative to leave it behind, not to mention their size.

We need a structure that supports the nomadic lifestyle, that has similar capacity as a Corp hanger up to an SMA and similar functionality, but much shorter anchoring and unanchoring timers, It doesnt need weapons and to be honest doesnt need docking, the exact same function as a Corp Hangar and an SMA would be perfect, a tether would be interesting and would give similar functionality to a shield, but unsure about either.

I love the idea of the upwell structures but I think CCP has missed the point of the sandbox completely with them and those who dont live within the norm.

Personal structures like Mobile depots, MTU’s, etc are useless for how we lived. Mobile depots fitting function was about all we used on the odd occasion.

I’d like to see some discussion on this topic, instead of it just being shot down. This game is about allowing people to explore the sandbox and make their own content.


I seem to remember several years ago, CCP said they were going to produce structures between mobile depots and citadels but nothing came of it. I do think that such things could prove of use.

Yes I always remember that too.

I’ve talked about this in the past as well. The game certainly needs some objects that both have reinforcement timers, and some that don’t. Mission art assets can be used for the graphic site of things.

Shipyards, material processing, lowend industrial production facilities, pi in space (there’s little farm mission assets that could be used to grow organics and other stuff for boosters,) defensive structures like sentry guns and drone hangers that could be run off a central hub (basically a pos without the forcefield,) and obviously storage facilities.

I’m sure there’s many more possibilities as well, such as a 1 hour anchor time facility that would allow you to scan the system, without having probes fit to your ship.

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