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So I’m pretty new to Eve. Only been playing my character for a few days and it’s great. I love the openness of the universe and all the different stuff you can do as a capsuleer. So far I have done some industry (mining, tried manufacturing some stuff) and ratting/scavenging. My medical clone is in Hulm where I started, and I’ve mostly kept to Hadaugago and the surrounding systems(Estyr, Hek, Bei, Lustrevik).

My question is to what degree should the universe be explored by one player? Or at least, what is the average player’s spread look like? Is your industry operation in one station and your main base with all your ships 9 jumps away? Is it smarter to transfer ships and items to many different systems? I keep looking at maps of all the different solar systems in the universe and it just seems really vast. Just trying to get a feel for what other players like to do when it comes to travel and stuff.

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I started off very similar to you, only that I had my stuff split between Ammold and Hadaugago. I wanted to get into FW so I moved to Hek full-time. I like having the market and my ‘home station’ in the same place; plus it was close to FW. I am on a break from FW doing some missions and I’m choosing the agents / corporations around Hek so I don’t have to go far.

I think if you asked 10 different players, you would probably get 10 different answers. I think it just depends on what it is you like to do - sometimes that justifies some alts to save time and that changes the ‘spread’ some too.

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So is there much benefit to traveling very far away other than for specific FW stuff? Like are there other resources or better resources on the other side of the region or is it all relatively the same no matter where you’re at?

I think it’s all just a matter of preference and convenience. I ended up where I am because I sort of had early ‘roots’ there with starting nearby, wanting to do FW and now I am doing my trading and mission running in and around the Hek neighborhood.

I think I could have just as easily ended up in Rens or Teonusude for different reasons. Or let’s say I joined a player corporation and they base out of a system a few jumps all the way over in Dodixie.

Resources can generally be the same across highsec, aside from some slight common ore differences and rat types. I think the Gallente regions and Caldari regions have an advantage for rat types and what they escalate to, but I digress.

Hope this answers your question?

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Ok. An Eve answer: it depends on you, what you want and your interests.
Everything after this is subjective and based on my experience.

Mentally I have a home base (Amarr - I’m a good loyal citizen) and I view that as “home”.
I have an established presence at a couple of our alliance bases - about 12-15 jumps from Amarr. I have a stash of ships there, a jump clone, my PI set up and so forth. I use PushX or corporation haulers to move product and odds and ends from HQ to Amarr - to sell or manufacture with (profiting from value added).
I’ve a base with a few hulls set up in a nice remote corner of the empire - and jump clone. It’s a bolt hole for emergencies. Not been there for a while - I’d rather fight than hide unless we’re told to keep our heads down.
Then I have mission bases scattered across the empires so I can keep my standing in some semblance of balance. I’m a hi-sec dweller making runs through wormhole space and low-sec as I feel.
My FW character has a cache of ships in the warzone (with jump clone) and in a bordering hi-sec system.

So, yes - I have a reasonably wide spread footprint, but use jump clones and haulage services to move stuff as I need to avoid long slow journeys - I’m relatively time poor. I’d rather spend an hour doing interesting stuff rather than flying a whale.


As a mission runner, who gets paid to grind standings for others, those of us who do this, have ships scattered around New Eden that makes it easy to jump from client to client, depending on the corps the clients are asking to have raised.

As said, ask 100 people and you will get 100 different answers as it depends on your playstyle.

I started out moving all my assets with me when I relocate. Eventually I found out that this is tedious and just moved around the stuff I actually needed.

Now that I am in Nullsec, I moved what is needed to live in null to a handful of stations there (PvP ships in the PvP staging station, ratting ships in my ratting systems, mining ships in the mining systems) but also kept a nice stash of stuff in empire space at key locations (Close to Jita, close to the 2 spots I love to run missions from, close to lowsec for PvP).

As for why to pick a spot to live from or move somewhere. It depends what you want to do and then you should pick your home based on that. Jita for instance is the main market place in EVE, so for industrial players, they tend to like to have easy access to it for selling items. Also in terms of mining, each faction has their own asteroid belt composition of asteroid types.

And the last but definitely quite important reason to move, to be with your corp mates. If you live in Hek but your entire corp works together somewhere in Amarr space, it can be less fun to be in a corp where you only have a chat window in common

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First, I’m impressed that you used the proper term ‘medical clone’. That really shows you to be well above average in EVE understanding :wink:

I think I have 5(?) places I ‘nest’ in, but truly only one that I consider ‘home’. Though I rarely spend time there, it is where I eventually move much of my stuff to. Most of the places are in different regions, some are far apart, like in excess of 40 gates.

Example: the system where I do level 4 missions is in a region I never visit for any other reason, so I often travel there via jump clone.

I have one ‘nest’ in Jita, as i think most players do.

I wouldn’t really worry about it, and just see what develops. Your own play-style will determine what is best for you.

Don’t get too worried about where your stuff is, it will be scattered soon, and you won’t even miss your first day frigs. In most cases it is much easier and cheaper to just buy and fit a new ship at the next hub than jumping around 45 minutes for fetching a Wreathe.

Of course, the universe should be completely explored by one player, but not necessarily by one char, and not at the first week :wink:

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