A Petition for Acassa Midular

Earlier today, my uncle, Chief Tarn Stjörnauga sent a petition to our Tribal Chieftain, Acassa Midular, calling for the Republic to pressure CONCORD for a better and more comprehensive response to would-be-genocidal maniacs. In the interest of public support, he has asked that I present the full text of the petition, and the letter it accompanied, here.

I ask that any other members of our Tribe ask their own Clan Chiefs to support this to Chief Acassa Midular, and that members of other Tribes and nations ask their own leaders to consider a similar measure.

Thank you.

For ease of reference, a separate copy of the missive, with full annotation and proper formatting apparently beyond the capabilities of the IGS, can be read here.


To: Acassa Midular, Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe

From: Tarn Stjörnauga, Chieftain of Clan Stjörnauga

Subject: Genocide and International Law

My Chief;

It has come to my attention that on 2 April, YC 121, a structure began operation in orbit over Matar named “The Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Citadel”. This Astrahus-class citadel was commissioned by a Khanid capsuleer operating under the CONCORD license ‘Nauplius’, in order to “exterminate the entire population of Pator IV”.

This ‘Nauplius’ undertook to commit this action as “a cold, calculating act of war”. The method of his choosing: one in which he had been instructed by reckless statements from CONCORD Captain Oveg Drust. Happily, this method has proven to be one which is completely without merit, and loyalist capsuleer forces quickly removed the offending structure from the Mother’s skies.

But their actions, however swift or decisive, do not address a simple, yet pervasive security concern: a capsuleer embarked on a course of attempted genocide, and the agency tasked with law enforcement among capsuleers did nothing.

My Chief, just over five years ago, I supported your selection to step into the void left by your aunt’s assassination. For years before that, you and I have known one another and worked together in the Council of Clan Chiefs. Often, we stood together, but even when we found ourselves on opposing sides of an issue, there was respect. You know that I am not a man given to frivolity, or prone to alarmism.

However, I believe that CONCORD is lax in their duties, and this incident is merely a songbird in the mines. If one capsuleer can attempt genocide without official repercussion, then what deters others? Our own Fleet and Security forces are bound by Treaty obligations to leave such Empyreans to CONCORD, so long as they have not engaged in a specific set of DED-defined activities. Somehow, the attempted murder—however inept that attempt—of billions of people is not among them.

Capsuleers enjoy an unprecedented level of individual power and agency. They often wield wealth beyond the most feverish imaginings of normal human beings, and travel freely through the cluster and beyond, at their convenience. With this in mind, it is of special importance to hold them to account.

I urge you to bring this matter to the Tribal Council. Convince them to direct our representative within CONCORD’s directorate to push for a change. Surely, all of our nations can agree that even the attempt to attack non-combatants with the intent to eradicate a civilian population is a heinous criminal act.

To that end, I am attaching a formal petition on behalf of Clan Stjörnauga for submission to the Tribal Council on this matter. I know that you have concerns and knowledge of these matters far beyond those of a single Clan Chief, and trust that you will, as you have always done, seek the path that best serves our Tribe and our people. Stars and spirits guide you, old friend.

Tarn Stjörnauga

Chieftain, Clan Stjörnauga


Petition For Action Regarding Genocidal Intent

For the Council’s Consideration;

WHEREAS: In the last three years, the New Eden cluster has seen a marked rise in the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction.

  1. In YC 119, Caldari Ultra-Nationalists successfully penetrated the defenses of the Kyonoke Pit, resulting in bio-weapons-related outbreaks all across the cluster.
  2. In YC 120, pirate forces belonging to the Blood Raider Covenant began employing chemical weapons attacks on an escalating scale. The first attack came in Rens, followed by strikes in Amarr, Kahah, Alkabsi, Dakba, Mabnen, Sehmy, and Thebeka.
  3. These attacks have continued this year with the near-total annihilation of human life in the Anath system.

And WHEREAS: Capsuleers, both on an individual level and in organizations up to the Alliance level, espouse extremist philosophies and allegiances. These allegiances include both extremist nationalist factions, such as the Templis Draganaurs, and criminal organizations including Guristas, Serpentis, Angel Cartel, the Blood Raider Covenant, and Sansha’s Nation.

Furthermore, WHEREAS: Capsuleers can wield immense personal power, not only in terms of individual vessels, but also in financial matters as well as influencing public opinion through both knowing agents and those who are awed and terrified simply to be in the presence of the ‘immortal demigods’.

Finally, WHEREAS: CONCORD’s enforcement policies allow capsuleer organizations and individuals access to dangerous substances and materials, and unrestricted access to claim ‘ownership’ of human beings

  1. During the Deathglow chemical weapons attack in Kahah, and the subsequent violence and unrest, capsuleers were not only allowed, but encouraged to mine Cthonic Attar asteroids within ‘Crimson Harvest Fields’. This ore, when refined, produced Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls—a key component of Deathglow.
  2. Current CONCORD guidelines allow the legal ownership of so-called ‘Triglavian Trinary Datastreams’, which CONCORD itself has identified as potentially dangerous when collected in large numbers. CONCORD personnel took it upon themselves to recklessly endanger the lives of uninvolved unaugmented crew members on standard as well as capsuleer ships, and the lives of all space-going passengers and station residents in the Caldari system of Semiki.
  3. When the predicted Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma incident—an incident of CONCORD and the SCC’s making in allowing capsuleer possession of these items—occured in Semiki, CONCORD took no action to defend unrelated traffic, despite the active presence of, and monitoring of the situation by, SARO Captain Oveg Drust.
  4. As a result of both CONCORD’s inaction, and Captain Drust’s reckless release of obviously dangerous information, at least one capsuleer has made repeated attempts to harness the potentially devastating impact of an ‘Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma’ incident, with the specific goal of the eradication of all life on Matar.

The petitioners urge the Tribal Council to enact legal reforms, both within the Republic and through our representation in CONCORD, to prevent such acts of mass homicide:

  • Any individual capsuleer or capsuleer organization who engages, attempts, or seeks to engage in genocide, ethnic cleansing, or other mass attacks on civilian populations [‘the Offenses’] will be irrevocably branded a CRIMINAL throughout CONCORD-regulated space. As such, entry into CONCORD-patrolled systems will meet swift and immediate interception and elimination.

    • Ship-board crew members serving on capsuleer ships, or ships intercepted by capsuleers on behalf of properly-licensed corporate agents within the empires shall remain legitimate targets of capsuleer employment.
    • Ship-board crew members serving on vessels targeted for interdiction as part of CONCORD-approved Militia activities shall remain legitimate targets of capsuleer employment.
    • Structure-bound crew and residents of Upwell Consortium structures shall remain legitimate targets of capsuleer employment.
      • Upwell Consortium structures shall maintain sufficient lifeboat capacity, with sufficient supplies for one week’s travel, to evacuate all non-combatant and non-critical station residents.
    • This status shall not be time-limited, nor recoverable through bounty-hunting or submission of identifier ‘tags’, without personal review by CONCORD personnel in public proceedings. .
  • Any individual or organization, capsuleer or otherwise, who engages, attempts, or seeks to engage in the Offenses, subject to the limitations above, shall immediately lose all standing, citizenship, titles, and ranks held with any and all of the CONCORD signatory empires [‘the Signatories’] and be declared persona non grata, to be apprehended on sight and turned over to either CONCORD, or the empire of his or her intended victims, to face justice.

    • Individual empire claims to justice shall have priority over CONCORD claims, unless:
      • The Accused has committed, attempted, or intended to commit an Offense within multiple empires, in which case CONCORD shall act in the joint interests of the empires,
      • The Accused has committed, attempted, or intended to commit an Offense directly against CONCORD itself, or
      • The Accused has committed, attempted, or intended to commit an Offense in territory beyond the jurisdiction of any of the Signatories.
  • CONCORD shall immediately cease and desist in the trading of human beings through the SCC markets, as such trade contributes to and facilitates the perception of human life as ‘disposable’. Service contracts for skilled contractors [‘Marines’, ‘Mercenaries’, ‘Guerillas’, ‘Scientists’, etc] shall remain legal, but purchase of slaves, freed slaves, tourists, and other such flagrantly exploitive measures shall cease.

Submitted to the Tribal Council on [Date of Submission].


Chief Tarn Stjörnauga on behalf of Clan Stjörnauga, Sebiestor Tribe


This is a wonderful petition and I will be, with your assent, sending the exact petition to Chief Jeoran Setul. I will, of course, write my own cover letter.

Feel free.

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I whole back this petition and will be talking to my clan to mirror your initiative.

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