A Proposed Solution to the problem of Newcomers in Industry

My advice is that there is no reason not to do industry on top of what they are already doing.

UnLeSs ThEiR StAtIoN TrAdInG :crazy_face:

The difference being that only a small number of stations are suitable for trading.

Come on. New players arent going to be doing that, though. They dont have the patience and cannot afford to stay in jita playing the isk game.

I mean, you just finished talking about how someone who decides to use or sell a raven cant afford any of its fittings and is therefore useless, implying they are impatient and cant wait to build more stuff and sell them for a profit to be able to afford fittings for that raven. And now youre saying theyre gonna be patient and wait till they sell something as fast-moving as minerals, where people are constantly contesting your sale price? Come on, man. Lets be honest here.

No, im not.

I told you this already.

Raven copies sell for 3.5 million isk each. 3.5 million isk? For a ship that sells right now for 300 million? are you kidding me? Having to account for 1 percent, ONE PERCENT of the cost of selling the item, is not something that needs to be factored in.

Look at this. Look at this.

10 run 10/20 Raven blueprint for 2.4 million isk.

10 runs.

Perfect copy.

2.4 million isk.

What considerations need to be factored for something like this???

Can you please be honest with me here???

Again, Mining is the foothold into industry. You keep making the mistake of thinking that its not really industry until you actually build something, and that isnt true. You yourself admit that when you were new, you mined. Mining IS a part of the industry and its the first step into industry.

So yes, because of mining, industry is one of the MOST accessible part of the game. You yourself admit it.

And, what, new players cannot get into mining straight away, let alone 2 months in? It takes 12 days to get into a mining barge too. How much ISK do those make an hour? Depending on the ore, what, 10, 12, 15 mill an hour?

If you save it for a couple hours, couple days, you can even build something even bigger for more profit.

Meanwhile, doing L4s is skill-intensive and ship-intensive, or it becomes time-intensive. If youre alone, you end up having to warp in and out because you cant handle the DPS, or you end up having to skip a lot of missions because they are too dangerous/tough for you.

Id say entry level mining/industry is about the same as entry level L1-2 missions, wouldnt you agree? And by the time you hit 2-3 months, youve got a decent amount of skill for mining and building, but for missioning, especially L4s, its going to be really slow.

Okay, so tell me. What part about industry is complex to a new player?

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Sure, you’ve made that clear. Let’s just hope you never get the opportunity to inflict your advice on new players.

Compared to telling them that if they aren’t staying in one area of the game trading all day they are doing it wrong?

Ok… :clown_face:

Again with the strawman. Both of us are talkign about a passive side activity players can do while doing other things. You’re just suggesting an inefficient activity because you’re not very experienced. Again though, you do you. If manufacturing your own ammo from reprocessed mission loot is what you want to do, by all means carry on.

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Newbros can gank industrialists.

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You’re full of it.

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Yes, we all know this game is dying. There are no new players. Duh.


We need an RMT option for sp. Give better ISK for RMTing for plex. In fact, have a direct IRL money - PLEX. We also need direct IRL money - SP. This is what will make this game better. You get more money, we get more content.

right-click blueprint and click on ‘use blueprint’ without having it inside the player ship cargohold.

A lot of people in this thread need to learn about Opportunity Costs and Market Cornering.

Pretty much, Mining is a moot point here, we are talking about Industry and in that case the role Mining fills can easily be filled by the Market too, so it’s not specific to Industry. And frankly, that’s one of the first things I learned in EVE so I’m surprised so many here don’t already get it, there is no point mining that ore if someone is selling it for cheaper than you’d make it, you waste time which has a value.

And also, sure Newbies can make some profits out of plenty of T1, but they are not in control. No I was not saying newbs should be able to make billions, I was saying they should be able to impact the game.
How hard would it be to eviscerate that Raven corner by lowering the margins to the point that people without the skills and BPs (originals or copies) get priced out of the market? Like Opportunity Costs, it is a real thing and has to be accounted for.

What I am saying is that opportunities should exist in what is already a pretty cornered part of the game for New Players to get a foot in the door and actually compete, instead of just being let it for now. And indeed producing outside the trading hubs is one of those types of opportunities, although not a very viable one since right now the game seems to be prone to Industrial and Market centralization.

CCP should make a video of the history of T2BPO then they would not need to worry about newcomers to industry anymore.