Changes to industry for current economy

I was just looking throw some post on the forms.
When I seen a comment by Hilmar.

As a player from 2010, what I would like so seen is some of the same game stuff from then today.

The first thing is to have bpc station limits on production, research, and copying.

What did this do then, it make it hard to build anything because it could take days or even weeks to start the jobs you wanted.

This change would make citadel viable for more industrial.

This would make players move thier industrial lines around, away from major trade hubs.

This would use up stock piles of stuff laying around.

The production to destruction lines would be come closer.

I personally think this would challenge alot of players.

As for the risk to reward, this would slow down the reward and add some more risk to the game.

Industry would be come survival of the fittest.

Oh and this will bring alot of tears as well because no one wants this to happen, but I do.

To ,ccp,

When can these changes be made.

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