A Question about MTU's

OK perhaps I misunderstood, and even MTUs are used for advertisements in such systems (I’ve never seen that happen in common systems, not even trade hubs). In which case there would be an upside to this change after all.

@Ramona_McCandless I think we’ll just have to wait for existing deployables to “fade out of existence”. Again iirc, anchored mobile depots and secure/audit log containers decay after 30 days in space.

Provided they arent accessed within that time normally.

Interactions from their owner reset the clock.

That’s what I seemed to remember. I assumed it would have been mentionned on the EveU wiki.

Thats why I don’t always trust it. Lots of information holes

Same as my brain, then ^^


IIRC trade hubs are also places you can’t anchor personal deployables.

tell that to jita and the massive mobil depot spam it used to have lol. which i don’t think it does now.

OMG just realised Moonpie is dead now thank you!

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They did it to keep MTU hunters from baiting newbros into a fight by killing their MTU right in front of them and going flashy yellow.

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newbros in starter systems don’t have the isk to buy an mtu lol… this was mainly the advertising spam

Who advertises with a deployable that can be killed with no reinforcement cycle? I hunt MTU’s quite a bit and I don’t ever recall seeing one setup as an advertisement.

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Ah OK, that might indeed be taken as a a sensible argument for this change (although it does come at a cost for players baffled by the generic error message, and makes me wonder if jet cans are still allowed. Jet cans can be used to trick newbies AND for advertising purposes).
Thank you.

Feel free to create new one each 2 hours. You would be better of ejecting from corvettes and naming them.

It might be a good idea then for them to not have L4 agents sent you to a protected system then. Not a huge deal but annoying lol


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