A Question About Smart Bombs

If a Rokh is located between the line of warp between two gates and is firing its Smart Bombs, will a ship passing through the blast be affect the same as if the Rokh was sitting on a gate smart bombing ships as they came out of warp?


You can explode without warning if your warp takes you through the path of a smart bombing ship.

But this requires to have the sb ship sit at the exact spot where your ship is manifesting each 1s tick. This position depends on the warp speed of the ship. So if you warp with your Rokh, make a bookmark and sit at this bookmark, you will be able to catch all unmodified battleships (ships with same warp speed). Hence you should make the bookmark at the warp speed of your target.

Timing the bomb is then another topic…

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Do Smart Bombs effect a ship that has an insta warp bookmark off of the stations un-docking point?

You can be hit while in warp, so the moment you break the undock invulnerability by initiating warp, you can be hit.

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