A request for a higher tier solo oriented mining ship

Regarding the name I get the problem people have with it, though that wasn’t the intention. If I could change it I would but I don’t have the money for it.

Bad tackle fit as in basic T1 fits up to a destroyer. I’m saying that if your drones aren’t at least capable of killing that with good skills then there are problems.

Don’t tell my corp mate Marta Joringer that. She’s obviously doing it wrong.

So am I for that matter…

Pretty much everyone in the Black Rebel Rifta Club, tbh.

Damn. I had no idea we were so ■■■■ tier with our T1 fitted frigates.

You literally just used the same tactic on me yet you’re calling me out for firing back you. However realistically I believe my take on your mentality is far more logical than anything you’ve used to refute me so far. Eve Online mining is cookie cutter based and poorly designed. That’s exactly why our in game economy has went down the toilet. Remember how FUN rorquals were? I do. But you’re saying that gameplay is fine and that there are alternatives if people don’t like it. Ok, where are the people using those alternatives? Oh right, there are none. You can claim to mine solo in null sec but really that might be a funny joke you play with here and there but you’ll always default to your multibox mining cause that’s what fattens your wallet up.

The ships and mechanics aren’t there or fleshed out enough for anyone to ever commit to a pure solo mining playstyle so like you and others have stated it’s an activity where you put in 5 times the effort and get less than half the profit… of just 1 mining alt. Rewarding gameplay! And thus everyone just goes back to their hulks and Orcas/Rorquals.

I’m trying to make a request for a change to be made so that’s not the default. Now what could’ve happened is that you made suggestions on how to change my idea. Maybe it didn’t need tank at all, or drones for that matter. Maybe it could just be pure stealth based and increase the risk even further. Maybe it doesn’t need a jump ability cause stealth is fine as long as you’re good at flying stealth ships. You could make plenty of suggestions or even come up with ship/mechanic concepts of your own.

But no, you chose to completely deny change all together. You and plenty of other Eve Online players are exactly the same. And you know, try to claim whatever you want about me, but multibox mining, especially in nullsec under comfy protection from an alliance or corp, is the most carebear of them all. And if you’re honestly content with that being the game for miners then your opinion is as valuable to me as mine is to you.

Not bad as in questioning peoples skill. Bad as in not shiny.

Logic really is difficult for you isn’t it?

You’re right, I always default to multiboxing. I did this morning when I was taking a shower. I did it at work as well. I multi-box driving my car, because I always default to it.

Tell you what buddy, put your money where your mouth is and find one other place on this forum where I suggested using multi-box tactics and prove that I default to this. The burden of proof is on you. The one making the claim.

Your idea sucks. People don’t like it. We’ve expressed why it sucks.

People mine just fine, solo, in low, null and WH. You just want a little “I win” button dressed up in the skin of a shiny, but pointless battleship mining boat.

I take it you’ve never used the Endurance then? Because apart from a sizable ore hold, it can permanently tank null sec belt rats, solo.

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If it can tank rats then I’ll concede that point. I’ll admit I’ve never played with the endurance.

However I dislike the lack of the ability to fit the covert cloak, and the ore hold problem is a bit more than just having a larger size relative to other mining ships. Because no matter what you won’t have storage or transport support without alt accounts(and even with them it’s still a challenge) and that means you’ll need to have a way to store the ore and get it back to either friendly space or high sec when it can actually be sold/used. That’ll always be a huge cut into your ability to make a profit. If there are active gate camps along your route that leads to the drop off area then that even further hinders you. You could drop off ore in the same or nearby system and transport it later with a stealth hauler but that’ll just mean you risk losing more at once. A jump freighter would work better and allow you to go deeper into null but not everyone can be skilled to fly jump freighters, and no matter what that’s still a huge extra step of effort.

The Endurance has a decent passive shield tank and can easily sig tank bigger NPCs when it’s orbiting a rock with AB on. The only danger is the small NPCs, but with decent drone skills your three light drones will deal with those.

The ship has a unique cloak bonus, kind of similar to that of blops battleships. While it cannot warp cloaked, it has no speed penalty from the cloak so repositioning yourself or burning out of a gate camp bubble isn’t hard. And the best part is that it can align up to warp speed while cloaked, like MWD cloak trick but without the MWD, which means it most likely cannot get caught the moment it decloaks to warp.

Give the ship a try! I’ve used it quite a bit in the past to solo mine ice. It’s ore mining rates are relatively a bit worse, but you can use mining drones to make up for that.

Getting to high sec from anywhere in null isn’t hard: just bring a couple of filaments into and out of Pochven and a cloak. Add a noise filament to go to random null sec and you’ve got both ways covered without need to run past any gate camps.

But it’s not convenient. It will cut into any decent profit. I should be able to instantly jump into any system from wherever and whenever I want.

Mucking about with filaments is too time consuming and complex. And going into Poch-Poch is scary and I’m pretty sure it’s instant death to the profit-centric miner.

Why yes. Because this entire discussion hinges on the idea of a mechanic/ship/whatever the hell doodad thing giving a purely solo player a competing edge against someone in a null sec hulk hugging a rorqual and sucking in ore by the gigatonnes every hour. I don’t expect a solo mining mechanic to compete with a fleet, but if it’s something the inherently restricts the player to solo mining, and more over pushing the player to risk an expensive ship in null sec thus putting it in the same vein as PvE ratting, it should sure as hell be “convenient”. At the very least “convenient” enough to giving a serious competing edge against singular accounts, excluding rorquals of course.

A stealth barge, or in this case a bigger barge, with solo compression and a high price tag. Considering we don’t have a T2 branch of the industrial haulers or industrial command ships the room is there for it as well. But again, you don’t seem to want any type of discussion on change or variety.

The idea of a Tier 3 specialist miner has merit. Instead of ORE, have four variants based around research developments to break the ORE monopoly on mining. T3 has not seen any real love in years. Options to allow a massive increase in hold size, massive increase in mining yield, Command modules, stealth, ore compression, massive increase in armor, massive increase in shields, speed, drones, etc., etc. Catch is it is impossible to max out everything. The aim is not to produce a T3 Orca but to allow pilots to optimize their ships for their preferred operating environment. At best a Hulk on steroids with a mining hold large enough for extended missions into wormholds, etc.

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We don’t?

Then what are the Deep Space Transports and Blockade Runners?

I would counter that with, instead each empire getting one, thus four, I would say that there would be only 1 tech 3 variant from ORE, keeping the dystopian monopoly alive and well for Lore purposes.

And like the tech 3 strategic cruisers, one can mix and match various sub systems, customizing the ship with merits you want, but balancing out with flaws. Like, for example the stealth subsystem would allow for cloaky-sneaky and a buff to probes, but would decrease the ore hold size and HP.

Maybe an ore compression sub system that allows for compression of ore but would decrease overall armor hit points and increases the ships align time.

Some sort of combat subsystem that offers better HP and drone DPS but lower mining yeilds

Stuff like that.

But I would keep it within the cruiser class size range, because wormholes and mass restrictions.

Oh, I see.

You want all reward, no risk. And your justification is “solo players can’t compete with fleets.”

But then you turn around and say that solo players shouldn’t be able to compete with fleets, but should have convenient access to ore?

Do you even know what you want?

Don’t answer that.

But here’s a real question. How would you respond to this hypothetical.

You see huge fleets of your amazing solo mining battleship all hugging rorqs sucking up all the ore in null sec. You see them in low sec, being guarded by escorts. You see them in high sec, all crowded around orcas.

How are you, the solo miner going to compete with that?

Did you actually think that only solo players would be allowed to use this ship?

Maybe the fleet players and bots would honor a “do not use this ship if you’re not solo” disclaimer. Probably not.

Btw, your name is still racist. Would you like us to notify CCP and let them know there is an offensive racist name being used on the forums? I think I’ve seen them change names to “Gallente citizen 123456” or something of the like for first time offenders.

Industrial haulers is the in game classification for the primae, the dedicated PI ore ship.

This is not needed.

You already have a choice between roughly 10 different mining ships depending on what you want to do. You’ve got the frigates for quick in/outs and high dangerous situations, the barges for cheap effective miners and then the exhumers for higher price, higher return mining.

A T3 miner would just negate all the other ones and make them pointless. The idea is neat and I have thought of something similar but it is just redundant and not needed. Use what we have now that CCP has already greatly buffed.

Literally I’m telling you to add high risk. I have stated MULTIPLE times that at bare minimum a ship of such caliber should have the same sort of skill investment and price range vastly exceeding that of every other option available, even once specifically saying it could be on par with a covert ops battleship which can easily rack up to 4-5+ bil. If going out in a ship that expensive isn’t “risk” then I don’t know what is.

My idea and power scaling has remained consistent throughout this entire forum post. Solo players can’t compete with multiboxing even remotely. And options like the prospect/endurance can’t even compete with a solo hulk under an umbrella, nor are your barge/exhumer solo roam memes a consistently viable strategy. So the idea is to fix that and give players an expensive, high SP investment alternative ship that can net them a profit that’s at least on par with a single mining alt while taking them away from the standard AFK gameplay and giving them tools that help them overcome hard limitations that prevent that gameplay from shining.

Over the discussion so far I’ve already argued against why none of those ships can fit the needs for what I’m suggesting. In a nuttshell what I’m looking for is a mining ship that can operate to a relatively good degree without: Assistance from other players, assistance from boost/support ships, without protection, and without the need to multibox for large profits, or at least profits that could be expected for a single high end ship. This is in an attempt to break the same meta that has existed since days long passed of copy pasting mining alts into 1 giant happy multibox family and playing the game like each one of those accounts is effectively a mining laser than you pay 15$ a month for.

Venture is a starting ship, T2 mining frigates are limited by lower mining yields and having to manage their ore somehow, barges and exhumers are asking to get caught, and the rest of the indy line up are boost/support ships that aren’t any more suited to solo activities than the rest. Though you might be able to fit an orca well enough that you could meme on solo pilots and extract their salty tears, however that area of space shenanigans is something I’m not overly familiar with.

By adding an uber one-shot kill neigh-indestructible mining battleship that can mine as much as a fleet of macks, has ore compression, can cloak, and is non-warp scramble-able, has cyno-jump capabilities, with built in micro-jump drive, powerful drones and a hanger that houses an NPC frigate/destroyer to aid in…. Whatever non aggression thing miners do.

Yes. Sounds like a very risky ship indeed.

That is literally what the recent mining changes addressed.

Mining frigates have just fine yield, exhumers got tankier and there are plenty of viable options for solo play.

Not everything has to have a viable ship for every type of game play. The only thing you don’t get with the mining ships being solo is the ability to boost and compress. Which is NOT needed for a single mining ship. Not everything should be done by one ship. While eve is a soloable game it is built around groups.