A request for a higher tier solo oriented mining ship

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I got the endurance and the other expedition frigate yesterday on my mining/indy alt. Do belt rats ever tackle? Would be good to know. I’ve fit them both nicely and managed to tank npc rats with the covert cloak one. Endurance will be a blast when i use it.

Also the hulk is pretty fking good. The mack seems like it is made for afk botting. No fking way am i sitting still that long. Hulk does it quicker.

I do think rats do occasionally tackle, which is why I’m a bit scared to use a solo Prospect near them as it has 0 ways to deal with being tackled, even if it managed to tank them with it’s tiny signature. ECM burst or warp core stabilizer might work though.

Clone soldier negotiators do warp scramble.

I think you’ve been hitting the boosters a bit too hard my bro. Sober up, please. Your loved ones cares about you.

The problem is that the roles you’re talking about aren’t utilized or are underperforming. Mining frigates aren’t necessarily hindered by a low yield, it’s their ore management that becomes a problem. The exhumers and barges regardless of tankiness are far too risky to go on solo expeditions to null sec in them. The storage and yield ships are just wet paper just asking to get murdered and the tank ships are like turtles who might not die to a single small ship but still won’t stand a chance once someone is determined, nor are they going to escape regardless.

I’m not asking for a do it all. I’m asking for a solo ship. The others still have the undeniably strong advantage of coordinating in a fleet and thus drastically multiplying their efficiency and profits. What I’m suggesting is a ship that sacrifices that in exchange for some very necessary things that allow the player to break away from that mold and still make a competing profit.

At it’s core what a solo mining ship could benefit from is stealth, decent yields, and ore compression. Doesn’t even have to be on par with a max fit hulk either, just good relative to the other stuff. Again because we’re sacrificing the ability to work in groups with others.

I think a ship with this type of concept, not even necessarily my own, would also open up possibilities for expanded mining PvE. I think one of my previous replies had the same thing in it, but what if we got new regions of space that were completely inhospitable and prevented you from setting up large mining ops. What if it made a demand for players who could successfully dive into that space and bring out very valuable ores, ice, and gas? Personally I think that’d be neat.

Not everything in eve is suppose to be meant to have a soloable way to do it efficiently. Again, eve is able to be played solo, but the game is designed around group play styles.

They just got a boost to their ore capacity. In fact all mining ships got a boost to their mining capacity. A mackinaw now holds almost as much as a porpoise.

Then use the frigates. That’s literally what they were designed for. Quick in/out mining adventures where you know you can’t stay long but still want to get some of that valuable ore.

The frigates and the mackinaw are the solo ships.

Yeah no, mining is suppose to be a group activity, that is why command industrial ships are a thing and that is why you can only get boost/compression from them.

These already exist. They’re called shattered wormholes. Great for getting all flavors of ice and lots of different ores. Can’t set up structures inside so no one can “own” them.

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Already have the mining barges. And they fly just fine, solo.

And that’s what the orca is for.

This is a lie. Every region of space is accessible to solo-miners, using the assets at hand. In fact, someone else even showed you how to gain accessibility to those regions in a relatively safe way, and you pitched a fit because “it wasn’t convenient.” I’ll say it again, you want all reward, and no risk. Just because you can’t hack it, doesn’t mean others can’t.

And I’m trying to say that it shouldn’t just be a group activity. Players should be given those options instead of being forced into a single playstyle.

What I mean is how to manage that ore once your hold is full. You’re gonna have to dump it somewhere and get to a place where you can sell it or use it. And transporting from null itself is gonna massively risk a large amount of hard work if you’re caught and destroyed. If you’re running back to high sec every single drop off of only a measly 12.5-19k ore hold that’s also cutting into time. Using the filament approach lessens that time and risk but is still a time sink none the less, plus that’s taking up profits as well to bring even a single set of filaments. Some of this can be subverted by storing in null and transporting back via hauler but then that introduces it’s own problems.

If you used a filament to deep dive into null, or even just started running into deep null manually, how are you bringing anything with you? You can deep dive with a hauler that’s storing a packaged T2 frigate fit. This gives you both ships you need but also increases the risk of getting caught on a gate camp if you’re running manually. However even if you use a filament to and from how exactly are you getting back? Filaments are random, so you need to manual it to every return. That’s gonna suck, hard. Better hope you can find an open refinery to compress for free so that saves trips, otherwise that’s gonna be completely impractical.

Or, I could join an umbrella alliance somewhere, bring a covetor, and get access to orca/rorq moon mining for 1/10th the effort and double or triple the profits with no risk. Make enough ISK to make an alt miner and scale it. Make more ISK to fund a boosting alt so this “group” activity can be done by a single person. None of this requiring any level of difficulty whatsoever and scaling as hard as your IRL or in game wallet allows it. Thus the player who puts in more effort and risk gets less back than the player playing on easy mode, by a significant margin actually. That’s stupid no matter how you try to swing it.

I’m not even asking to change mining. I’m just asking for an alternative.

Barges nor exhumers are solo ships for diving into null with. Even if you use them as such you’ll still run into the same solo problems as the frigates, just with a lot more risk.

The orca isn’t a solo ship either, and bringing that solo into null is just handing someone else a shiny killmail.

You didn’t even read the context properly. That was a hypothetical on a game mechanic they could introduce based on the idea of solo mining ships existing. “We have better solo ships now so what if we made a really dangerous region that requires players to use these ships to efficiently extract valuable resources from there.”

You don’t read things properly or choose to take things out of context and most of your replies are sarcastic trash talk. If you’re not going to actually discuss anything properly then I’m not replying or even reading anything from you any further.

Again, not true.

It’s like you make stuff up hoping that no one calls you out on this weird garbage you spew.

Just because you can’t hack it as a solo miner doesn’t mean others can’t. And introducing a new ship to meet your demands and justifying it with some new dangerous* region for it to operate in, doesn’t make any sense.

EvE already has a number of high risk, high reward regions already which makes this comment you made

Completely and totally asinine. Which is what I was calling you out on earlier.

Seriously. Make a new region of space for solo miners to interact in? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of… you know, playing solo? What’s going to keep the mean ganky people out? How is this region of space any different from, low sec, null, WH, poch-poch?

You want high risk extended cloaky solo mining in null while teleporting around? With compression and a way to deal with rats?

Here’s an idea:

  • Get an Orca
  • Put a cloak on the Orca,
  • Bring plenty of filaments in cargo (take about 30 of noise to empty null sec systems and for the way back 10 each of border to Pochven, extraction to nearby systems out of Pochven or glorification to random Trig invaded system in HS/LS)
  • POS tower in hangar
  • some fuel in hangar for the POS tower
  • a few mining ships in the SMB: Endurance for ice, Prospect for gas, another Endurance or Prospect for ore
  • a few refits and spare crystals (in case you wish to mine other types of ore like Mercoxit)
  • mobile depot
  • industrial core + compression modules on the Orca

Next here’s what you do:

Filament using the ‘noise’ filament to random empty null sec system in the Orca. Cloak up immediately. Is there anything worth mining nearby? And no hostile players? Then warp to a moon, set up POS tower, park your Orca in the POS tower once shield is up, grab one of the mining ships from the SMB and start mining.

Mining hold full? Fly to your POS, dump ore in the Orca.

Asteroids, ice and/or gas empty? Fly to your POS, dump ore and frigate in the Orca, pack up and filament to another null system, set up a POS again and continue mining.

Orca mining hold full? Make a safe bookmark first in one of your frigates, warp your Orca to the safe when there are no hostiles, turn on industrial core and compress all your ore. You’re now ready to fill it some more.

Repeat finding systems, mining with frigates.

Eventually your Orca is full of compressed ore and you’re ready for a way back home. Pack up your POS and frigates into your Orca, use ‘border’ filament to Pochven, cloak up and check surrounding systems on map. Are you surrounded by high sec systems that you would like to end up in? Use the ‘proximity’ filament to end up in them. Not surrounded by high sec? Use ‘glorification’ for a random chance. If you don’t end up where you like to be, repeat previous two steps (which is why you bring spares). But usually you end up a couple jumps out of Jita after the first trip trough Pochven, in my experience.

Now you’re back in high sec in your Orca, ready to sell ore from your risky cloaky teleporty solo mining adventure.

Main risks are when you set up the POS and break off the POS (I guess… I’ve never done that myself so look into it beforehand) and when you warp your Orca to the safe to compress as that locks you in space. Those actions obviously only should be done when you’re alone in system so keep filamenting around until you find something empty.

The next risk is that you get caught in your mining frigate and blown up. Not a big issue, you’ve only lost a mining frigate. Grab a shuttle, travel back to the system with your POS and Orca (you’ve bookmarked it right?) and continue your mining journey.

POS and Orca camped by enemies? Eh, I guess, bring enough fuel and make them wait? Worst case, you leave the POS behind, warp the Orca to the safe bookmark you made earlier and filament back home through Pochven.

As I have never used POS towers myself, there may be some parts about this story that may be a bit more difficult than I expect it to be. For example, I see that anchoring a POS sends a message to the owners of those systems, which means people in SOV null get notified and may come and attack your POS and your mining operation. I think NPC null wouldn’t have such a problem, so it may be wise to keep using noise filaments until you get there.


Can confirm, cloaky orcas are fun. One can get into a lot of shenanigans with one.

These are also good suggestions, however they will fall on deaf ears.

The OP isn’t interested in suggestions and help. He wants validation and praise for his terri-bad idea.

I seriously do not understand this behavior. He posts his idea on an open forum, under the pretext of peer review, but gets all upset when his peers tell him how terrible the idea is. The unwillingness to accept criticism exists because he isn’t looking for that. He’s just wants people to tell him how amazing his idea is while simultaneously complaining how a group centric game is broken because it doesn’t conform to what he wants.

Fortunately CCP will never implement his idea.

It isnt just a group activity. It can be done solo but it is BETTER in a group.

That is literally the point of nullsec. High risk means High reward. Part of the risk is figuring out how to get your reward out of null without dying.

9 different mining ships, 2 different boosting ships and a capital ship. The alternatives are there. You just refuse to use them because they are not optimally set to MAX rewards for the high risk involved.

Edit: Gerard Amatin just gave a great example of how to fix your issue. They are there you just have to actually put in some effort to figure out a way that works for you

The idea I proposed can be changed as needed, all I’m really focusing on is the core concept of a solo mining ship that can forgo multiboxing or the necessity of alts and is capable of more than the T2 frigates.

However, I like your idea. I don’t think it’s practical but If I had the disposable funds for it I’d try it at least once.

Also, I appreciate you actually trying to add to the discussion instead of the bull coming from the other guy, even if I’m largely disagreed with which I can understand.

And I’m trying to say making a purely group activity is unfair. Content should be created for players with different preferences. It shouldn’t be on par with group activity because that’d obviously be broken, but it’s also stupid that a solo player putting in more work and putting more at risk can’t compete with even a single miner who is under an umbrella.

Once again, that’s also irrelevant if a player is under an umbrella. Something that requires basically no effort at all besides applying to a large a corp within a large alliance, something that’s all over eve. So the fact that this rule only applies to smaller groups or solo players, and the fact that you’re saying a Solo player can’t have safety options, are things that I think is also very stupid.

The problem here is that you’re speaking as if there’s a large difference between those ships. The barges and exhumers are all just the same flavor of mining laser with different yields. You’re either in a covert/hulk cause you want to make money or in a retriever/mackinaw if you can’t be bothered to manage your inventory. The procurer and skiff are anti high sec gank ships, otherwise you’d never really use these ships. Maybe if it was the older versions with a single hardpoint you could fit a cloak and be more versatile, but not anymore.

The T2 frigates are close to what I’m looking for but as I’ve said the added time and risk involved with managing your ore cuts down your already lower ability to mine ore compared to barges and exhumers. The boosting ships aren’t really mining ships, and while things like what was mentioned above are possible that only serves to show you how much effort needs to go into making solo play strong while it’s still behind the meta by a wide margin.

Your ideas work for me.

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