A Shameless EVE Music Self-promo

Hey there o/
I’m Ash3D and recently I’ve been making music based around EVE online which you may have seen across Reddit, Discords, or maybe even seen yourself. They can be found on my YouTube and on Spotify.

So far they’ve mostly been meme songs or at least 60% ironic - like the not-so-subtle jokes in Kiki’s Revenge - a song about blobbing Kikimoras; or a hardstyle song about wanting to bring your Drake.

However, I’m also working on less ironic and more atmospheric songs in an EP that will hopefully be releasing on the 26th of April as a 3 song EP. These are less lyric focused and more-so centred around the mood of EVE, mixed with lo-fi hiphop and jazz and using the occasional EVE sound to wrap it all together. I do like to be forward in that Unified and True, Kiki’s Revenge, FC Can I Bring My Drake?, and Wasp II Vibes all use AI for vocals but the lyrics are unfortunately from my monkey brain as is most of the composition and mastering. The EP however is entirely mine apart from the occasional EVE sound that you will recognise immediately. I am also teaching myself to make vocaloids so I don’t have to use an AI at all in future, but that’s a lot of skill points to invest so it’s taking a while!

Just wanted to make a lil promo for it here - fly dangerously o7


Sooo, you’ll be releasing the EP in a few weeks…

Definitely looking forward to hearing it…

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It sounds cool! What is your Discord so I can contact you?

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Can contact in game or discord: “ash3d” but with a “_” at the start and end. If I put them here it makes it italics lol

Hi , question for you regarding your Spotify url link.

The link you shared seems to be looping on my iPhone which has security settings enabled.

Could it be iTunes preventing me to visit or is there something else?

Not to worry I will visit your YouTube channel.

Groovy travels Pilot!

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Appreciate the support! :heart:
It could be a weird Apple thing, I don’t have any Apple products to test that. However if you open spotify and search for Ash3D for “Kiki’s Revenge”/“Wasp II Vibes” it should pop up :slight_smile: