A shortcut setting export function

Currently, the shortcut settings is saved on local machine,so when I change a new machine to play, I have to copy the setting file from one machine to another.This is nasty.So may have a function like overview exporting to generate a link to shortcut setting? then I can save it in notebook to import to different machines.


This would be a super handy feature. I’ve got 6 accounts with 3 toons on each one. My own settings folder is 310 KB. That is a sizeable chunk of data to have to store on the server for each player. Plus it would have to be transmitted back to the server or client when a setting was updated. I think this would cause a lot of extra network traffic on the servers.

However… If you play games on Steam or Epic games, when you finish most games, your progress or saved game data is uploaded to the game store. So, if they can do that, I don’t see why CCP can’t do it.

On more than one occasion, I have lost all of my settings when a hard drive crashed, I had to reinstall the game or I moved the EVE cache location. So having this feature would be most helpful. Frequently playing on multiple computers would really suck if you needed to copy the settings file each time!!

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