A solution to the Maleatu Shakor problem (and other leadership woes)

Hello good people of the IGS, capsuleers, curious average citizens. One of the greatest things about being a capsuleer is that I can say what I want, because I’m not dependant upon my clan’s support anymore. I do understand what I’m about to say might have some… Consequences, but I would like to stress that following message is just my opinion and mine alone. And maybe somewhat satirical.

I’ve not hidden the fact that I don’t really like the esteemed Sanmatar. He has done everything he criticized Karin Midular for, and worse. He bleats on about how we come for our people - the same rhetoric he was elected for (even though, he was the only candidate in the sham of an election) - yet he does nothing for the Tribes, and he gets praised for doing nothing. Well, he did visit the Imperial Coronation - something he himself would have had the mobs retrieve the Ray’s head for, I’m sure.

He is a hypocrite of the highest order, and has troublesome and frankly concerning emergency powers. Of course, he should step down after this emergency is over. However, I have my doubts as to when this emergency that has accorded him his newfound powers will be over - when the Triglavians and Drifters are gone? Never? Previously he was mostly just a rubber stamp and a figurehead, now, he is an active threat to his own people.

I was impressionable youth … well, youthish, when he came to power, and thankfully, the solution to this problem comes from the man himself and the “Elder Network” that supports him. I learned that if you don’t like someone, and they have the potential to be politically, militarily or culturally a problem, you should kill them. I think we should kill Maleatu Shakor. Leaving evidence of his corruption on his body is optional. After that, we should have a sham Tribal Council session to name a new Sanmatar.

And if we don’t like whom they choose, we should kill them too. Oh, do you think that is a bit harsh? Well, maybe. But to be honest, none of them had scrotal or ovarial fortitude to actually say no to the current regime and their shady powergrabs, even with an entire Tribe behind them. No, instead they chose to continue the descent into dictatorship. The Tribal Council is a joke, a puppet.

The birth cry of the Tribal Republic from the ashes of the gallentean styled democracy was shameful in the extreme and the constitution of the new Republic was written in blood. It was for the Greater Good, I’m sure, but I feel that it shames us all to this day and it will do so for perpetuity.

Thanks a lot, assholes.


That’s not very easy to do, you know.

Or so I’ve heard.


If there is will, there is a way.

By no means do I condone this but I have to ask. Who would replace? No I’m not trying to twist your words or what ever, I’m honestly curious.

I dunno, I’m not a conniving bastard like him. Sanmatar normally is a figurehead position anyway so IDK some dude or dudette from the mainstreet of the capitol or something.

Is democracy necessary in the Republic when most Clans, Tribes, and Circles already seem to have autonomous powers?

We still need our primary representation.

Understandable but even still, without a suitable replacement how would things improve? Well, how could we garrantee it would improve rather.

Wouldn’t Republic citizens just vote along Tribal lines anyway?

Look, not my job okay? I’m sure the Republic has plenty of people to choose from that can do a better job than him.

Though he is only a fraction of the problem. There is a fairly large rat in the system that’s called “the elders” or “elder network”, our own little shadow government.

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I approve of this plan.

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Your proposing something that would throw our Republic into disarray. If we have no figurehead I don’t see how anything would improve. A bad leader focusing the tribes would still be better than total anarchy. If we had anyone to actually keep us whole, as much as I dislike this idea, it would be more plausable.


Fortunately you get no say, slaver.

Actually, the fact that so many of you slavers wish Shakor dead almost makes me reverse my thinking that the guy is bad for the Republic.

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Would it? Murdering the parliament didn’t. Well, okay, it did, but only for a little while.

The gist of this whole thing though is that you should be careful what you teach your children. Murdering political opponents and leaders is okay if you yell “for the republic!” while doing it, is what they taught to us.

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What can I say, I dislike backstabbing coup ringleaders who destroy peace treaties.

From a pure realist political perspective, I should really approve of his reign, he is much less scary than Midular was. But from a moral perspective, that person just needs to die.


Should I like your post or not, that is the question.

You are already openly contemplating and plotting a political assassination against the de-facto leader of the Republic. I don’t think you liking the Chapter Master’s post will bat many eyes.


Contemplating, yes. Plotting, no. (I mean why would I reveal any plans in public?)

If stabbing people isn’t an important part of the Republic governmental system, why is one of the mainline Republic Fleet cruisers called the Stabber ?

Really makes you :thinking: