A solution to the Maleatu Shakor problem (and other leadership woes)

Never underestimate the benefits of a really nice coat.

The thing about Deniable Assets Sesli darling, is that they don’t work if you can’t deny them. I fear even the great, wagging tongue of Matar Planetary Security’s Kril Efrit might struggle to deny the involvement of your reportedly considerable assets if you half-assedly declare that you’re coming.

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I beg of you, DO SOMETHING. Help those people, help them maintain their freedom. Help the people in the war zone. Please for whatever you hold is holy do something please.

Calling it now: the response will be that it’s up to capsuleers to retake the systems in question, and the Republic isn’t even going to file a complaint w/CONCORD over the treaties against enslaving citizens of other nations that the Empire’s violating with this decision.

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Anyone that knows anything already knows that this is going to be the case.

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I realize that the opinion of your Gallente Federation allies is sometimes viewed askance these days, but if it isn’t too much to ask I’d like to know the Republic Security Services position on something. Since you had such overwhelming evidence against the traitors operating in the Midular government… why didn’t you conduct trials?


Sounds to me you were part of this “Elder network.” If that is the case, why should anyone believe you? As a child of the “collaborationist parliamentary republic”, I don’t trust leaders I’ve never seen anywhere but fanciful stories. Elders are a shadow government, that is, if they even exist at all and aren’t indeed just a convenient tool to keep the Tribes and any criticism in line by Shakor and who knows who.

So, listen and obey your Master, lest you get the whip?

At least the parliamentary republic allowed for differences of opinion, something the then Head of Parliament also used to the fullest. Indeed, the rise of the Tribal Republic was precipitated upon the relaxed rights for hate speech against the then legitimate government. I can understand why voices you cannot silence concern you, as what was overthrown with manipulating millions of minds can be done with the same means again.

It’s winter indeed.

You might know some people, and certainly some people will not thank me for this, probably the sort of people a known criminal and kinslayer would associate with.

If that is some kind of thinly veiled threat, just know that the people of Mara will be ready to inflict some more wear and tear.

You should be proud, @Kril_Efrit, of your part in gathering intellingence and working against corruption.

You should never be proud of murder. You should never try to justify selling to outsider assassins the right to punishment that belongs to a culprit’s clan and tribe. You are the Republic Security Service, not Ministry of Internal Order.

Let us assume you did not make one mistake and not one case exists where an inconvenient name was slipped into the hitlists. Even then, murder by outsiders without due tribal trial can never be the solution to corruption, because it is corruption, it is undermining our ways, it is taking the right to law away from the culprit’s tribe and selling it to someone else.

Maybe you ended a “Long Night of Corruption”, but the way you did it ushered in one of Terror, where we actually have to fear in the night of murderers or worse against us and our kin.

Again, I ask you, and I ask any honourable agents in RSS and RJD that still remain: end this madness. Bring to light this corruption. Stop this spiralling into factions and deepening of the rule of terror.

Tell us the truth about the murders of this government. Bring us the Sundsele Six. Stop the reign of terror, bring the tribes together again, and let us heal.


Putting the blame on so called Gallente or Amarr views, labelling people or opinions as such doesn’t make your views and words stronger. You’ve spoken your testimony of that time. The voiceless deads are now only bringing an echo of the living doubts.
And being a “truer” minmatar is a dangerous path. At the end, there are only a few “truly” chosen.

And what can you say of today? At this moment, what have you achieved? What has achieved Shakor?
Pator has been attacked and the told culprits have escaped your grip. And so far you have more shown yourself to shut words than to bring anything. And consolidating the base political power.

Do you see yourself as an inspiration for the people of the Republic? From your Tribe? Are you even trying?

The power is the ability to translate a will into actual results.
Something is not working here.


First thing: I’ve never said anything about seven independent nations. That would be a massive headache.

I said, and have always said, to give back power to the tribes. That doesn’t mean that we split into different nations. That means that we decentralize our government from a “federation” where supreme power belongs to one head of the government (the Sanmatar). Instead, we keep the Sanmatar, but only as a ceremonial head of state to deal with entities like CONCORD. In other matters, power would belong to the individual states of the Republic, which is to say the Tribes.

This is what the Tribal Council was meant to represent, but continuous capitulations to the Prime Minister/Sanmatar have whittled the tribes’ power down to mere curiosity, to the point that there can be rampant corruption within the Thukker Tribe (see Molden Heath, Krullefor, Seykal et al) but no one else can do a thing about it because they’re protected by the Sanmatar.

Also, you still haven’t answered my question. What is the better option?

I see that you’re dead set against my ideas, as usual, but you’ve yet to offer an alternative.

In fact, aside from Teinyhr’s original post, there’s been plenty of criticism but not a single alternative idea.

Don’t crow your complaints at us if you don’t have something better in mind.

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This is how the current tribal government is, as I understand it, supposed to function… but Shakor keeps finding ways to get himself ‘emergency powers’ and the rest of the council seems perfectly willing to go along with whatever he says.

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Yaaaaaaawn. I’ve seen this episode before.

I’ve done more for the Republic while living at Tanoo than most of the people braying about being Matari have done in a full year.

And I have apparently gotten closer to discerning the fate of the Sundsele Six than you lot have.

I’ve done nothing but support my kin, even if sometimes at a distance. If I ever were to betray them, then absolutely, I’d expect you to come after me. Until then, calm down. Maybe get yourself a warm drink. I know a little place that has excellent coffee.

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What is it with you that you insist on insulting me by making assumptions about my attitudes towards you in every ■■■■■■■ turn and then acting on those assumptions without ever bothering to check with me if they are even true?

But that said:

The Tribes are independent in intratribal matters - and unlike propaganda states, have always been. The Sanmatar or the Council do not interfere in matters concerning one tribe and one tribe alone any more than the Parliament did before the regime change. It is in matters that concern the government of more than one tribe that problems arise. And always have. Prior to YC110, we had laws to govern those situations. Now we have “well the tribes will negotiate”.

The way forward from here is, as I see it, is very easy: keep the current structure of government, let the tribes function independently, but bring back enough inter-tribal (Republic-level) laws governing inter-tribal trade, industry, jurisdiction and military operations that multi-tribal efforts can function and that high-level crimes concerning multiple tribes - such as the Purge - can actually be investigated by a multi-tribal, independent agency.

This does not require another coup. The Council and the Parliament can do this, if they want to. The Sanmatar can let them, if he so chooses. Or the Tribal Assembly can pick another Sanmatar, if he does not. His term is two years, though there is no set limit on the number of terms.

But for that to happen, the tribes would need to be able to trust each other again. The Council and the Parliament and the Assembly will have to be able to do, to even suggest, these things without fearing finding a Thukker notepad next to their dead body or a “lone gunman” coming at them when they next appear in public. I should be able to write this without having to fear for my clan’s safety - but I am not.

And this is the gist of Tein’s original post here: it is not a call to actually assassinate anyone. It is a satire, pointing out that we have become a nation where mass assassination is an accepted political tool, and that taking account the possibility that the consequence of dissidence is death is now our every day. We do not trust each other anymore, so how could we trust our Council and our Parliament to enact just laws, not just laws that helped their tribe, their circle, their own careers and businesses?

But the solution to that is not more independence and to hell with other tribes - though gods know I too have said so in anger and grief and fear, finding it easier to withdraw to my own kin than to work together with others. But that is wrong. That is a consequence of this new nation that stresses tribal pride and wants to remove structures that control inter-tribal extralegal maneuvering - not a solution to its problems.

How do we start to build up that trust, when we do not even know how it was broken? We would need open and honest communication, we would need someone to speak up, we would need enforcement of law against the murderers.

At the moment, it does not seem there is anyone left high up enough in the government with the guts to do any of that.


My gods man, in the end, have you no shame? Are you so blind that you don’t see what your “purge” has wrought and the long-term damage it has done to our people? You’re proud of the fact that you set yourself as judge, jury and executioner of thousands with no formal charges, evidentiary process or trials? You then dare to come in here spewing your nonsense and basically saying “we’re watching those of you who disagree”? Wow, so who’s really as bad as the Amarr MIO here?

Call me anti-Matari because I was raised in the Federation if that advances your narrative but, I believe in a system of laws that apply to all. I believe in a strong judicial system where the accused may be judged impartially, in full public view, and then punished only after being found guilty based on the evidence.

I believe that political differences must be resolved via political means not extra-legal, conspiratorial death squads.

I believe that differences of opinion should be respected and worked through to consensus, not those who disagree vilified and viewed with suspicion, ostracized or “watched” by shady governmental organizations.

I could go on but that would just earn me the rap of a Federal puppet or some such from you and your ilk.

If what you and your comrades advocate for pass as “traditional Matari values” then maybe I was wrong in spending the last 20 plus years of my life fighting and killing for this Republic because at the end of the road you’d take us down we’d be no better than the slavers.


Oh wow, Rella blames others in lack of shame.
My sides!!

Matar Planetary Security Carry Out Security Sweeps after “Capsuleer Renegades Threaten Assassinations”

I’ll let being called a renegade slide, but I’d suggest the good head of planetary security learns to read first and stop spreading lies. First of all, it was a suggestion, not a threat. Second of all, as is pointed out, the whole post is satire. But don’t let that stop you.


Honestly, how did you think this would have turned out?

We have:

  1. Our home world being attacked

  2. Extra dimensional beings invading our space,

  3. An increasingly belligerent and military oriented Amarr empire throwing off the pretense of peaceful reclaiming and actively advocating for the enslavement of our people.

To say that Republic officials are on edge would be an understatement.

The last thing we need is capsuleers starting fires over tin-foily theories and petty grudges. It is Irresponsible, counter productive, and down right dangerous. We need to focus on the REAL threats, the ones that are threatening OUR VERY EXISTANCE as a free people.


Alternatively, on hindsight they’re still scrambling to explain and trying to turn the public attention away from the massive fuckup with the Deathglow attack on Matar, and I gave them a perfect diversion.



I think it’s quite a strong hint on how just how flimsy the pretenses of the Shakorites are in their bid for a totalitarian regime. If one was cynically minded, one could almost think that Shakor was setting himself up to be an Emperor. Maybe he’s also considering marrying Catiz, for increased legitimacy?

Sadly, these sweeps are just a theatre, preaching to the converted, all the while ever pointing outwards, at threats they or their followers have either exacerbated, or outright created.

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Yes, thirdly, about the sweeps… Well, the news mentioned nothing about repercussions, so I suppose they didn’t need to break out the notepads this time.