A Solution to the War Declaration problem

I invite you to consider the following.

War Declarations can be a problem for smaller (and larger) corporations. Many corporations decrease their online activity if they are fighting a losing war, or are subject to multiple war declarations. There has been talk of removing the war declaration feature, so I propose the following solution:

Corporations would be able to purchase “protection” from CONCORD. $50 million a week, $10 million a day… whatever. It would just be like any other bill to the corporation account, with the ability to be automatically paid.

In return, those corporations buying “protection” would not be able to be war dec’d, as long as their bills are paid. This allows smaller corporations to be free of harassment, as well as increasing their activity to ensure they earn enough money to pay their bills.

Obviously, while under protection, they are not able to declare war either. Further, to prevent abuse, any member of the corporation committing a criminal act would remove CONCORD protection from the entire corporation. This prevents corporations from ganking, camping, etc. without having a fear of retribution of war. Not to mention, CONCORD isn’t in the business of protecting criminals. The corporation would be able to re-buy protection after a matter of time (1 day, 3 days, etc.)

There has been discussion about removing war declarations from the game mechanic. This is a bad idea.

War declarations have been around since the beginning of EVE. It is part of the fabric of EVE. It is a way to control territory, make economic gains, and countless other ways it makes the game interesting. EVE is already becoming quite “soft”, and losing the war declaration mechanic would hurt the game far more than it would help it.

It should also be noted that any player can join a “public” corporation and be free of war declarations.

Thank you for your attention! :slight_smile:

And it opens the flood gates for spies to just gank one of their alts and thus remove concord retaliation for all the other people in the corp.

It must at all time be possible to keep the hugest groups in EVE under continuous, cheap wars so that they lose at least some things in high sec, since they are already safe in null sec. The bigger the group, the cheaper the wars should be to declare and to maintain.


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I love these threads. They unravel sooooooooo fn loooooooooong.

Wardecs are fine. Make it easier to track down specific targets and blanket decs will ebb.

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