A story of Limited Expectations

Room For Improvement corporation founded by Scurio Cadelanne.


Draman and cousin (also named bellis) started playing, made a corp (Bellis united family corporation). (june)
Captain Samuel, Scurio and Alexfrod joined.
lvl 4 missions carried by cpt sam, mining ops.
Draman went on break end of october.
Everyone still active made RFORI together, Scurio now CEO, they took all money from corp wallet (Draman told them to), and Scurio, Alexfrod and cpt. Samuel made Room for improvement.
Corp started in minmatar space. (Nakugard for mining, Lustrevik for missions).


End of january RFORI anchored first pos. (highsec, Nakugard, medium pos).
Everyone mined ice and donated it to corp for fuel for the pos each week.
Constant wardecs from trade hub campers, we begin to take failfit t1 ships to fight and even sometimes win.
Got awoxed by a very quiet member, afterwards learned it was a wardeccer alt.
Got wardecced by the awoxers main corp.
Moved back to gallente space in april 2013, to much heat close to hek, set up first lowsec pos in Alachene. (1 system lowsec pocket).
Set up orca boosts for the first time.
This is when we started giving recruitment serious thought, API checks etc. but also started opening public channels and trying to recruit more.
Went wormhole diving (from HS into c1-c3) with crappy ships when oportunity arose, all during the year. Dunked by No Holes Barred in april.
During late spring we started doing HS incursions. Draman and Blackblue trained alts for boosting. Weekly incursion corp fleets, and also 4-5 of us did fleets with public communities every day. (Furr fonulique, Blackblue Wolf, Draman, Captain samuel, Richie Kane and some more ran with the Roadkill incursion community). Nightmares, vindicators and machariels.
FC training, comms discipline and dank ISK.
For newbros mining veldspar in ventures and missions continue.
A bunch of (bored) new recruits start do dive into low sec to do some ninja salvaging and steal loot from gate camps.
We vote on future name of the alliance (drunk and mining veldspar), Limited Expectations comes ahead of myspacekeyisbrokenpleasehelp.
After a couple weeks of research, we decided to skip low sec entirely and try out nullsec, 2 brave pilots set up on a voyage to Outer Ring, and, without any friends or idea what’s going on in the region, we moved in.
All logistics was done by 1 pilot flying a carrier, we owned 0 jump freighters.
For a while we lived 100% out of poses (closest station 10 jumps away). Doing ice mining, ratting and DED complexes.

2014 - Outer Ring

In the beginning- a few pilots, within a couple months- dozens as whole corporation moved down there.
Our high-sec “pvp experience” with low-tier station campers didn’t help us much versus nullsec professionals, but we learned quickly, and with time even recruited some former enemies.
BANE AND PAIN joined alliance in march 2014.
Shield Nation (HS corp) joined alliance in august 2014.
The Scourge. left “The Morning After coalition” due to drama, SEXY and LEX made STATE OF MIND coalition during summer june/july 2014.
Grey Wolf left The Scourge. and joined LEX in august 2014.
Draman went inactive in end of august 2014. Gave RFORI to Richie and alliance leadership to XSANATOS.
As we grew, the interest in our snowflake region of space began to grow- we managed to get dropped by Black Legion and to attract the CFC (later- The Imperium), which at that time held the regions surrounding Outer Ring.
Around that time we also found out space democracy does not work.
Tension began to grow as spies tried to pull our most active pilots away. The alliance split in two, with random solo station campers, CFC alts, trolls and pvp-ers joining both sides.
What remained of LEX hired mercenaries (NOIR) in an attempt to regain control of the region.
Driveby titans on Battletoads in end of october 2014. https://zkillboard.com/kill/41931929/
After the contract with NOIR ran out CFC dropped a blob on one of our towers and reinforced it in two minutes. We accepted defeat and their terms- a couple days cease fire to move out. A very generous offer.
Alliance left ORE space in october/november.
Tried Syndicate shortly in november before moving to Stain to join StainWagon.
Around that time XSANATOS went to live in a wormhole (later renamed ‘GLORY HOLE’), Draman, Chi, XSANATOS, Oblob and Mark Hakoke lived there with Dead Terrorists, we did easy C2 sites and used marauders in c4’s

2015 - Stain, Paragon Soul

SEXY and LEX joined SW as STATE OF MIND coalition. SEXY was considered full member, LEX was only industry sister alliance (all pvpers on break).
We established ourselves in the northeast part of stain (8 jumps out of brave home system of the time: GE-).
Killed BRAVE with bombers, did a lot of ice mining, started flying with SW on CTA’s.
Moved to T-8 pocket in west stain.
SEXY got offered SOV at the end of April 2015.
In sov only 2 ppl from SEXY and Draman/ Oblob (LEX) were ratting, Arja was mining.
In august LEX got sov from SEXY, SEXY left the region, and SW got a bit angry they gave it to us and not back to SW, XSANATOS managed to calm down the drama, and got LEX a full (trial) SW membership. We kept the sov.
Over the next months ppl gradually moved to sov.

2016 - Paragon Soul

The bit of SOV in Paragon Soul allowed us to flourish within StainWagon. Officially as an industrial/ carebear wing, but during cta’s we often brought 20+ doctrine ships out of 100-140 in fleet.
Upgraded ventures to skiffs with rorqual boosts, L4 mission running rokhs to pirate battleships and capitals.
Project Snowflake: started gathering ore to build a titan.
T1 failfit pvp cruisers became failfit tactical destroyers and failfit battlecruisers (there is always ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. ha ha ha. ha.)
During that time regular activities included krabing in sov, camping HED-GP and cta’s. We made friends within StainWagon and in some other areas.
Titan finished in may 2016.
CFC diplomat contacted our diplo with an offer to give Outer Ring back. We reminded our diplo to stay classy (was one of the people who lost stuff when we got kicked out of Outer Ring and still mad about it) and refuse in style.
Considering the result of World War Bee it was good choice. Also deep SOV grew onto us (spinning ishtars around a haven or carrier ratting- something you can’t do 24/7 in npc null).
Around 16’th september alliance ceo XSANATOS, fed up with low CTA attendance and doing diplo/ logistic work himself kicked most corps and stole alliance assets. Including Riche Kane’s titan. There were signs of Xan getting bored/ annoyed for months beforehand, but since he was always grumpy a slight change went unnoticed.

Actual picture of XSANATOS

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2017 - Stain

Following WWB some ex-Goons looked for a new home. Triumvirate (I think) settled on moving south. With help of DRF they took systems from SW. Stain Wagon was controlling many regions with a low population so losing one wasn’t a big deal, but seeing low cta numbers and sov losses other alliances started to attack. One switched side to the winners. There were attempts to fight back, but each time SW formed a decent fleet (and allies/ frenemies like Provibloc) the attackers didn’t show up. cta attendance went down and at the end Raven7032 was commanding a fleet of 100 trashers instead of hundreds of faction battleships with capital support/ another blob on standby. SW lost sov and disbanded. Since Goons moved to Delve TEST wanted to be close (officially for content but KB doesn’t suggest that) and moved to Esoteria. The following months they took over and installed/ took over renters in nearby regions. LEX evacuated assets to Stain but kept pos’es in Paragon Soul. TEST renters weren’t able to take them down for months and LEX kept the moon goo.

Moved to T-8 pocket in Stain. Not having sov (and blue HED-GP camp spot) meant losing a few members, but recruitment continued. Turns out NPC null isn’t that bad if you are not into ratting with capitals. Wrecktical Supremacy. (neighbors from RPS pocket) made life hard for our pve-focused/ new recruits (in general people who didn’t know how to avoid cyno alts) so they stayed in high sec. This caused big part of the alliance to drift away (some stayed on TS but we weren’t doing stuff together). Eventually this lead to Shield Nation leaving (or getting kicked on good terms idk.) and a bit of drama. 2 or 3 HS people who got a taste of null moved to Stain.

In august Good Sax anchors a freeport keepstar and it draws immediate attention. LEX helps to defend on 1’st and 2’nd timer, but 20 suicide vexors can’t do much. Finally on structure timer LEX and Good Sax show up in full force (30 people with alts). PL, PH, NC., Darkness, Goons, Bomber’s Bar, TEST and various other groups show up as well. Some to defend, some to kill it, some to wreck general havoc and most to whore on the (probably doomed) structure. br: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/6x3r5t/stain_keepstar_battle_report/
To everyone’s surprise the keepstar lives. Shortly after LEX (whatever is left of it after the Stain drama) reels into one corp- Room for Improvement and joins Good Sax.

2018-19 Stain

Life in EvE Online Retirement Club continues. There is periodical Stain Drama (10 people, which is 30% of region’s population getting kicked etc.), random roams into Goon/ TEST space and killing asteros.
Some notable events:
~ Stig shows up with a fleet of 10 AT ships and kills Richie for lols
~ dread bomb, intended to drop on a Hel, drops on a Revenant instead. Due to lack of webs/ dictors it gets away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00G_XSfDVZM
~ Captain Samuel (one of Rfori/ LEX founders, long time member) logs in after several years of inactivity and steals 9 billion from corp wallet. It was sad to see one of the founders (and good tackle pilot/ generally cool dude) getting kicked over a few pennies.

About the author:

I’m 25% german.

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