A story trapped in a data feed

Hey - this is my first time here, but yeah, I found this in a data stream on a site. Dunno what to make of it. Gonna see if I can decipher the rest…looks like a story. Saw the stuff on the fan fiction? Maybe one of those?

Her skin burns like fire to the touch. Hair, softer than any silk, ripples in blood red waves over her back. The emerald green eyes pierce my very soul. I let my fingertips skim across a thigh as she kneels in front of me. She slips away again, hips moving like some exotic belly dancer. I take a sip of my beer to try and wet my dry throat and move away. Too much. She’s not for me. Too perfect. Like a goddess. Yet her body screamed, Touch me and I wanted to. I would.

Cold metal on warm skin. She shivers. Out of fear? Out of arousal? I don’t ask. Maybe this excited her. She is about to die. Doesn’t she know this? I slide the blade down her soft neck. With the other hand, I finger a strand of that hair. One smooth cut. Just a slash. The job would be done. Don’t think of her as a person, man! She is a job. A wad of cash.

Out of the silence, she murmurs, Please don’t kill me. Damn! Her voice is so smooth. Like a good whiskey. Too sweet. I wish she hadn’t spoken. If she had remained silent, I might have been able to do the deed.

That’s all I got so far. Will update as I find more, hopefully. Looks like a good story.

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