Poem, visuals and ambience, my first attempt at EVE content.. or really any content

I made a thing, figure i’d share it all with you. It’s a poem I wrote over Amarrian imagery, it fits quite well. Suprise storyline at the end, overall pretty pleased with how it turned out. Warning, it’s a love letter to the Amarr, it gets quite dark :wink:

Lemme know what you think!!


Really good and atmospheric work, Joel.

I enjoyed it and, equally importantly, there was food for thought.

Thank You.

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Thank you very much, Sasha
I’m glad you enjoyed, it drives me to make more!

I’d rather listen to Vogon poetry :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Seemed good. But I’m in no position to judge. I am cultural trailer trash who knows nothing about poetry.

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Love it ! And very befitting the Amarr theme.

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Bwahaha I just looked that up,
The horror!!

Thank you Wadiest!
It was something I wrote a week or two ago, just so happened to fit :wink:

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