A thought about The Equilibrium of Mankind in the current crisis

By now, most people should have read at least one news article where the Equilibrium of Mankind have been named as the perpetrators of the recent attacks across much of civilised space, and that Ocilan Ardishapur is the apparent leader, and mastermind of this scheme.

Inevitably, when these kinds of things happen, you get a flurry of people wishing to support the schemes of the maniac de jour, as the Gallente would say, whether that be Tibus Heth, Omir Sarikusa, Sansha Kuvakei, or Zorya Triglav. Needless to say, this is a bad idea.

However in the case of the EoM and Ocilan Ardishapur, then, this is a doubly bad idea.

Assuming that it is indeed Ocilan Ardishapur himself, through whatever technosorcery has allowed him to live for more than 2000 years. Cryosleep perhaps, or cloning, or some malarkey. Anyway, that’s not the important thing right now. What is important, is that if this is Ocilan himself, then… his theology originates from a time in Amarr history where the only living humans known to them, all came from Amarr Prime.
The Equilibrium was first purged in 21310 AD, and it was well over a century later that the Explorator Corps discovered the Ealurians, the first humans found by the Amarr outside of Amarr Prime.

This is important.

Anyone who is not a Khanid or True Amarr, who thinks the Equilibrium might welcome their services are seriously deluded. To them, anyone who is neither Khanid nor True Amarr, is little more than a talking animal.

They. Hate. You.

At best, they might consider you a useful tool for a while. But you will never be considered a true believer.

Thus, if you are a Ni-Kunni, Minmatar, Gallente, or Caldari, the only thing you should ponder about the Equilibrium, is the damage profile of your preferred ship weaponry. Do not talk to them, do not listen to them. Only shoot them.

And if you are Amarr or Khanid, you should still do the same thing. For the Equilibrium are heretics and blasphemers of the absolute worst kind.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

May God and the Imperial Navy annihilate the Equilibrium. Amen.


Isn’t everyone, under all the organizational systems around?

I suppose i am allowed to agree with Dr. Valate about something once a millenium.

“May God and the Imperial Navy annihilate the Equilibrium. Amen.”


I mean, sure, but who thinks this?

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Levre Aulmais, Telle Ambraelle, Haikio Purvanen, Arpasen Kion, Arnolf Arnst… I’m sure you get the picture.

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Well, there was Koronakesh, and umm… like… 2 or 3 other people

What if it is an animatronic drone that escaped from a hyper virtual reality entertainment complex in Leremblompes, became self-aware, and decided to pick up where its programming left off? I’m not aware of any such escape of course, at least none that were not part of a pay-per-view blockbuster episodic macro-series with an apocalyptic overarching plot.

Not like this. You’re not even human, to him. The way he sees it, humans come from Amarr Prime. Anything humanoid coming from anywhere else is a mockery of humanity, and probably not even considered as highly as ammunition. We’re more like… fertilizer to him. Biomatter to destroy.

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A cult Permaband refrain but not conducive to fully understanding the problem and the motivations behind it.

I don’t believe their mumbo jumbo but I hate mankind too!

The most dangerous thing the EoM could do right now is to make their cynojam bypass technology available. Imagine the threat and temptation to just bridge Titans – especially the Iepetans – and just doomsday all the enemy home planets?

I would like to remind you, that unlike the rest of rabble, Former Executor Heth ruled the whole Caldari State, was appointed to the chair for his merits and was one of the greatest heroes of mankind ever lived.

I will appreciate if you don’t include him in the list of other people you’ve listed, because claiming him to be a “maniac” is both insulting to all the Caldari and is as ignorant as it can get, Dr. Valate.


Not to mention that Heth appointed himself the position of Executor of the State, not by any sort of consensus on merit. But, as anyone casually observing the IGS knows, Kim is irreconcilable in her extreme nationalism for Heth, Provism, and the Dragonaurs.

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What actually became of Heth “in the end?”

Before or after the siege of Haatomo?

Before, he had become a madman who betrayed the very people he claimed to represent and serve. Infatuated with the idea of power, he sought to dissolve the authority of the megacorporations in favor of a single government at the reigns of none other than himself. Anyone who opposed him was gunned down or silenced in some other way.

After, no one knows for sure. Plenty of rumors around that he is now serving as a minion under Kuvakei. If true, even that is a fate far too lenient for a man like Heth.


I wasn’t sure if I had missed a final detail, or if he remained unaccounted for. Whenever such figures manage to reappear after a hiatus, it is never good. This man Chakaid is proof enough of that.

Tibus Heth has fallen in Aivonen system where he stood outnumbered protecting the State from invading forces of Sansha Nation.

He lived as Caldari hero and he died as Caldari hero.

Glory to the State!

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If I remember, Mr. Amoii, what was found was a bloodied wrist unit, adrift (I think) in space, both blood and unit confirmed to be his.

Implies death, but, no actual body. So.

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I can see where a rumor of Nation-ification might come from. It has been a while to not have heard from the potentially living (for some value of) Heth, but I suppose not as long as was initially the case with Sansha himself.