[EM][NADSC] Concern about deteriorating international relations after conflict in Audesder

Yesterday, a small EM and NADSC force expelled Red and Silver Hand mercenaries of Ardishapur from Audesder system. Republic Fleet patrols secured the gates and system appeared to remain calm.

While this attack was easily dispersed, it was a provocation. We express extreme concern about the deteriorating international relations and would encourage cool heads to prevail and all parties to refrain from retaliatory strikes and further escalations while the incident in Tanoo is under investigation by proper authorities.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari

Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants

A joint EM/NADSC squad by a stargate in Audesder after a fight with Ardishapur mercenaries, YC123.04.28


It could be argued that this, along with the attack on Tanoo, are linked, and that someone who has an interest in having open war between the Empire and the Republic, is behind it, using mercenaries on both sides.

Only thing is , that as far as I can tell, the only person with a strategic interest in that result, would be Zorya Triglav, as it would seriously undermine EDENCOM.

Now I don’t have any concrete proof of this, but I and my organization believe the Equilibrium of Mankind cult is behind the recent attacks on both sides. This is just based on past dealings with the cult and monitoring the news and evolving interstellar political landscape.

The Brutor individuals involved in Tanoo were 12-14-year decorated veterans of Brutor Vanguard. While such people have a proud tradition of unsanctioned attacks on the Amarr Empire, I find it quite unlikely they would have a connection with an Amarr doomsday cult.


Now, now, I know that it’s real popular to blame anything that is not frightfully direct in character on the Collective, but do you have even the slightest proof to corroborate that? I can name numerous factions that benefit from this and the Collective is not one of them. Not to be disrespectful towards the navies under EDENCOM’s authority, but as far as anyone’s concerned, they barely rank above small, detached drone rogue swarms in terms of danger within Pochven. They ostensibly do not care about the empires at the moment.

A very good point, and I by no means was suggesting the Brutor Vanguard veterans are/were knowingly conspiring with the EoM, but was thinking more along the lines of backroom machinations and facades to create multiple layers of separation between the EoM and their payments/promises/rewards/etc that caused these groups of soldiers (the Brutor Vanguard and the Red & Silver Hands) to commit their attacks.



The proof was right there. The pirate factions don’t benefit from hugely increased militarization resulting from a war. The other two major powers don’t want to be drawn into a conflict either. The only nation state level actor that benefits strategically are the Trigs.

Now it might be in the short term financial interests of a few people, but they’re not nation states, and it is a strategically poor decision in the long term.

So I don’t need any evidence to suspect the Trigs.

As for the Equilibrium. Really now. The EoM make Nauplius look like Doctor Subtle, Professor of Subtlety at Subtle University. Hiring deniable mercenaries would be massively out of character for them.


His Royal Highness Arim Ardishapur is a man of integrity. I don’t doubt the sincerity of House Ardishapur’s denial of any authorisation for these attacks in the slightest. This would suggest, however, that the Red and Silver Hand mercenaries involved in this offensive were acting either purely on their own initiative, or on behalf of some third party unrelated to Amarr.

I fear that I may be speaking grossly out of line here, but the fact that one mercenary group typically associated with the Empire, and another typically associated with the Republic, have both launched unusual offensives in the other’s territory with their associated factions denying any prior knowledge or authorisation of such activities does appear to suggest something unusual at play linking both occurences, be that third-party involvement or otherwise.


Well done in safeguarding the situation, at least for now.

This is not the game they want to play with us… Not again.

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The patience of many of us has worn thin, including myself.

Your attempt to help the Brutor Vangaurd in Tanoo was noted, Orta.

Said by the man who done more than any capsuleer to ensure that a planet’s entire population was enslaved or worse? I won’t be taking that remark to heart in a hurry.

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Concern for international relations, and respect for the results of a proper investigation seem misplaced from the diplomat of an organisation who so promptly conspired to obstruct the Mandate’s investigation by the removal of key evidence; in amalgam with your pattern of destabilizing intervention in Imperial affairs, the inconsistency certainly gives a firm impression that you mean little of what you say.

Yes and I still remember how you aided the Khanid in murdering millions of slaves, if we’re measuring “despicable ■■■■ we’ve done.”

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After the alleged Gallente attack on Girani-Fa, it’s starting to look a lot more like a premeditated attempt to raise tensions between the empires and distract them from whatever plans the mastermind has in store. It’s not a particularly well-conceived one, however, given how blatant the pattern is already, but the empires probably can’t see that. There’s also too many suspects to choose from when considering who might plan something like this. It could be anyone from Zorya, Sansha to Capsuleer No.Pi. We’ll need more information as it comes up.

However, with the current pattern, it’s likely the planners will attempt more false flags in future. I’m not familiar with the cartography of the vast Gallentean-Amarrian border to guess where Amarrian mercs will ‘retaliate’, but the one after that could be especially damaging to Gallente-Caldari relations. Phoenix dreadnoughts will likely start appearing out of nowhere to shoot up a border Gallente system next. Could be any one of them, but the most likely targets would be Iyen-Oursta, Algoglie or Luminaire, given their significance in the Gallente-Caldari War.

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Given the internal state of the Mega-corporations with all this internal strife, not to mention the disastrous state that the Triglavian invasions left their military forces, If State capital assets were deployed following the pattern, then we can almost be certain that these are false flags.

I have my ear in a number of clandestine State circles, both Navy and a few Megacorp, and I haven’t heard anything about the planned deployments of assets akin to these two cases. I am by no means saying I know everything going on, just that I hear a small bit of the talk, and nothing like these ops has been brought up.

I’m likely to tentatively agree with you. If this happens again, it does seem like it may be a false flag. And it seems like something the Guristas would pull.

I cannot take credit for the full observation, but I would strongly recommend citizens of the State ignore any “help wanted” postings by obscure mercenary corporations looking for crews to load bays on ships named after flaming birds.

It seems like something a lot of people might pull, if they could. Probably every pirate power stands to gain from a universal war and fundamental reordering of existing structures. Even the Cartel might be willing to risk a shakeup of that magnitude if they thought they had good odds of landing on top of the resulting rubble pile. The question really is who can, and whether we can figure out where these sparks are coming from before one catches. It’ll be easier to cool things down if we’re not already ablaze by the time someone finds the arsonist.

It seems like the good news is that the attacks are provoking but so far apparently kinda ineffectual. Someone seems to be sacrificing various pawns, but either lacks major pieces that wouldn’t make us go, “Oh, so it’s YOU!” or is keeping them hidden for now.

(EoM seems just too perfect for something like this. They want literally everyone dead, but lack the firepower to do it; the only guns they really might be able to murder us with are the ones in our own hands. But, for exactly that reason, it somehow seems unlikely: it’d be like a mystery story where the guilty party is the very first, most obvious person to be accused without the plot even bothering with some sort of elaborate redirect to carry us through seven other suspects first.)

In response to the call to and ready to support the Republic Fleet & Command, Electus Matari command has aborted the alliance’s scheduled break. All capsuleers, crew & dockside operate as in active campaign conditions.

False flag or not, there’s an Amarr Navy full-out mobilization gathering at our borders. Unless they back off, it will matter little who started it.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari