Open Letter To Arim Ardishapur (and Amarr loyalists in general)


Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur also praised the efforts of “those capsuleers loyal to civilization who have been able to set aside petty differences of ideology in order to defend against the inhuman threat of the Triglavian monsters.”

My people’s struggle for freedom against yours is not a “petty difference of ideology”.

We did not set side an unimportant trifle or realize our “ideology” is vain in the face of “actually important” matters in order to pull those all-nighters in your system, to stretch ourselves until your own loyal forces were around to take the burden in the end, to do for you against all odds what many wanted to say was impossible.

Instead, in order to save your system, we sacrificed the most sacred of our ideals of blood and spirit, we decided to gamble on the ultimate prize, we chose to put aside what is dearer to our hearts than you probably can ever understand.

It would do well for you and yours to understand and appreciate the sacrifices made.

Dismissing them as “petty” is a good way to ensure they will not be made again.


If we’re all dead and the stars themselves are snuffed out, neither of our ideologies matters much any more, do they?


That does not make them unimportant to begin with, though.

The question is if we win, at what cost?

Implying the potential cost of all we believe in and our continued existence as a free tribe is “petty” is an insult.


I understand that outlook. The use of the word “petty” is particularly cutting. Lord Ardishapur has also implied with that statement, that the Reclaiming itself, the effort which every Amarrian ever has focused their entire life toward, is equally petty in the face of survival from an outside threat. You have the leader of the most conservative and traditional Amarrian house praising your efforts.

Take the win, you’ve earned it.


If we’ve reached the point where an Ardishapur Heir is describing the Reclaiming as a “petty squabble”, then I fear it might be That Time Again.

Where an Ardishapur has had An Idea.

Like old Ocilan had his ripping idea that created the Equilibrium, back in the day.

Boding, so it is. If anything bodes, Ardishapurs having ideas certainly does.


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